I have a few projects that I've been working on. This page will centralize my various projects for your ease in accessing.

Balisong in Movies/TV:

Baton in Movies/TV:

Blackjacks/Saps in Movies/TV:

Flexible Weapons in Movies/TV:

Slungshots in Movies/TV:

Tomahawk in Movies/TV:

Gurkha/Kukri Spotlight series:

Revel in the tales of extreme bravery and derring do by both WW2 Gurkas and modern-day Gurkhas!

Paul Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets

He mentioned on his site that he was going to post one chapter every Sunday until all 50 were posted. Somewhere along the way, I only saw 45 chapters posted and one day, it was taken down off the site. I've put them up on my site in hopes it helps at least one of my readers.

Unofficial Underground Archives

(Archive of various threads the Underground forum [aka and] from way back in the day when the forum didn't archived its threads] - slowly copying from my old archives to this site)

Deconstruction of Bruce Lee

Inktober 2017 - drawing at least 1 pic each day in October with predominately a knifefighting theme

Inktober 2018 - Staff/Spear theme


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