Sunday, December 17, 2017

Slungshots in TV: Family Guy S15E4: "Inside Family Guy" (2016)

Readers, it's Sunday! And you know what that means? 

Happy 'Slungshot' Sunday! "Slungshot Sunday" are Sundays where I post a video clip and animated GIFs from a scene in a movie or tv show in which a "slungshot" was used. I have an ongoing project of documenting with video and animated GIFs of a slungshot used in a movie or tv episode.

Today's entry is a scene from Family Guy S15E4: "Inside Family Guy" (2016). It is an episode where James Woods hosts a look at a typical week inside the Family Guy studio. The episode ends with a montage of Peter getting hit in the groin with a bag of nickels. OUCHY!!!

Enjoy the 22 animated GIFs and video clip!

All-in one animated GIF

Scene spliced up, some with a bonus GIF


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