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Paladin Press - Kelly Worden's Practical Knife Fighting for Personal Protection

Practical Knife Fighting for Personal Protection

Volume 1: Vital Concepts and Techniques 
Volume 2: Advanced Concepts and Techniques

with Datu Kelly S. Worden

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150 minutes


By combining his mastery of the Fillipino and Indonesian martial arts, Datu Kelly S. Worden has developed a devastatingly effective method of knife fighting.

In Volume 1, Worden reveals his secrets of blade handling, the eight angles of attack, footwork and mobility, the use of the "live" hand and combining cutting and thrusting actions to devastate your attacker.

In Volume 2, Worden teaches you the grim realities of using a knife for personal defense. He also reveals the secrets of using training dummies to perfect your technique, advanced live blade training methods, reverse-grip knife fighting instruction, as well as interviews with people who have witnessed the deadly effects of the knife firsthand. For academic study only.


Kelly S. Worden is the founder of Natural Spirit International and Renegade Jeet Kune Do and is one of the most innovative minds in the martial arts world today. You can learn more about his work and programs at his website.


1) Training Safety and Knife Etiquette 
2) Eight Angles of Attack 
3) Slash and Thrust Patterns 
4) Kali Thrusting Triangle and Defanging the Snake 
5) Footwork and Use of the Live Hand 
6) Cutting on Withdrawal 
7) Follow-Up Techniques 
8) Restraint 
9) Training with the "Silent Partner" 
10) Grip Changes & Reverse-Grip Knife Fighting 
11) Knife Fighting Realities 
- Knives: A Law Enforcement Perspective 
- Knife Attacks: A Survivor's Insight 
- Knife Wounds: A Medical Perspective 
12) Live Knife Training

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