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Paladin Press - Filipino Dirty Boxing

Filipino Dirty Boxing

Suntukan Street Self-Defense

with Tony Torre

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170 minutes


In Filipino Dirty Boxing, Guro Tony Torre blends the traditional with the modern to form a comprehensive fighting system designed to enhance any fighter's training regimen. Steeped in the Filipino martial arts of arnis and suntukan, Torre draws on his extensive knowledge to give you a whole new sense of street fighting and self-defense under extreme circumstances. After acquiring a solid foundation in positioning, natural combinations, targeting, disruptions and striking, you'll move on to mechanics, joint integrity and minimization of energy leaks. The extensive partner training exercises included in the video provide you with the skills and confidence that can only be developed with hard work in the gym. Whether your fighting is on the mat or in the streets, Torre's training methods provide the explosive offensive and defensive tactics needed to overwhelm your opponent and come out victorious. For information purposes only.


1) Abecedario 
- The 10 Count 
- Body Mechanics 
- The 3 O's 
- Step Into Blows 
- Follow Through 
- Sinking & Driving Up 
- Maximizing the Joint Integrity 
- Minimizing Energy Leaks 
2) Natural Combinations 
3) Defensive Skills 
4) Parries, Limb Destruction, and Hammer Fist 
5) Kicking & Base Disruptions 
6) Street Defense 
7) Training & Conditioning

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