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Deconstructing Bruce Lee - The Library

If Bruce Lee was still alive, he would've turned 75 today. I've a project to deconstruct Bruce Lee. It's said he had over 2,000 books in his Library. Here is a list of 390 of them compiled by James Bishop from his book, "Dynamic Becoming".

Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing and How It Works Scientifically - Felix Mann
Advanced Karate - Mas Oyama
Affair of the Heart, An - Adele Davis
Age of Reason, The - Stuart Hampshire
Aikido - Kisshamaru Ueshiba
Aikido: The Art of Self Defense - K. Tohei
Amazing Results of Positive Thinking, The - Norman Vincent Peale
Analects of Confucius, The - Confucius (translated by Arthur Waley)
Application of Measurement to Health and Physical Education - H.H. Clarke
Arms for Living - Gene Tunney
Art of Keeping Fit, The - Editors of Esquire Magazine
Art of War, The - Sun Tzu
Art of Worldly Wisdom, The - Baltasar Gracian
As a Man Thinketh - James Allen
At the Feet of the Master - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Athlete In The Making, The - Jesse Feiring Williams, M.D., and Eugene White Nixon
Atlas of Man - William H. Sheldon, C. Wesley Dupertius and Eugene McDermott
Be Fit For Life - Kaare Rohdal, M.D.
Beginner's Book of Gymnastics, A - Barry Johnson
Beneath The Wheel - Herman Hesse
Better Boxing - LaFond and MenendezÓ
Body and Mind in Harmony: Tai Chi Chuan-An Ancient Chinese Way of Exercise to Achi - Sophia Delza
Bodybuilding: The Official Training Textbook of the British Amateur Weightlifting - John Barrs
Bokuden Ikun Sho - Tsukahara Budoken
Book of Fencing, The - Kass
Book of Five Rings, The - Miyamoto Musashi
Book of Tao translation, The - F.J. MacHovec
Book, The - Alan Watts
Boxing - Edwin L. Haislet
British Boxing - Denzil Batchelor
Bud Wilkinson's Guide to Modern Physical Fitness - Bud Wilkinson
Buddhism - Christmas Humphreys
Building Our Own Rainbows - Harry and Joan Mier
Bushido: The Soul of the Samurai - Nitobe Inazo
C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships - Miguel Serrano
Candles In the Sun - Emily Lutyens
Canon of Judo - Kyuzo Mifune
Championship Fighting: Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense - Jack Dempsey
Championship Judo - Trevor Leggett and K. Watanabe
Change: Eight Lectures on the I'Ching - Hellmut Wilhelm
Change: Eight Lectures on the I'Ching - James Legge
Chinese Classics: Book of Documents translated - James Legge
Chinese Classics: Book of Odes translated - James Legge
Chinese Classics: I Ching translated - James Legge
Chinese Classics: Record of Rites translated - James Legge
Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense - Bruce Lee
Chinese Philosophy in Classical Times translated and edited - E.R. Hughes
Chuang Tzu - Chuang Tzu
Chung Yung, The, or the Centre, the Common - Herbert Giles, translated Leonard A. Lyall
Civilization of China, The - Carl Rogers
Client-Centered Therapy - Chauang Tzu
Combat Training of the Individual Soldier and Patrolling published - US Department of the Army
Come Away - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living: First Series - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living: Second Series - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living: Third Series - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Zen - D.T. Suzuki
Complete Amateur Boxer, The - Bohun Lynch
Complete Kano of Jujitsu, The - Hancock H. Irving and Katsukona Higashi
Complete Physique Book, The - David Webster
Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery - Mouni Sadhu
Conjectures and Refutations - Karl Jaspers
Contest Judo - Charles Yerkow
Controlled Exercise for Physical Fitness - J.R. Peebler
Creative Selling - Charles Lohse
Crisis in Consciousness: Commentaries on Love, Life and Death and Other Matters b - Robert Powell
Discourse on the Method - Rene Descartes
Dynamic Aikido - Gozo Shioda
Dynamic Judo: Grappling Techniques - Kazuzo Kudo
Dynamic Judo: Throwing Techniques - Kazuzo Kudo
Dynamic Self-Defense - Sam H. Alred
Dynamic Thinking - Melvin Powers
Education and the Significance of Life - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Efficiency of Human Movement - Marion Ruth Broer
Elements of Style - Strunk and White
Encyclopedia Britannica - Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica
English Grammar and Composition (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Enthusiasm Makes the Difference - Norman Vincent Peale
Essence of Buddhism, The - P. Lakshmi Narasu
Essential Karate - Mas Oyama
Ethics - Baruch Spinoza
Faith is the Answer - Norman Vincent Peale
Fencing - Hugo and James Castello
Fencing - Muriel Bower and Torao Mori
Fencing With the Electric Foil - Roger Crossnier
Fencing With the Epee - Roger Crossnier
Fencing With the Sabre: Instruction and Technique - Roger Crossnier
Fighting and Boxing (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Fighting Man, The - Jack Coggins
Figure Improvement and Body Conditioning Through Exercise - Earl Wallis and Gene
Fireside Book of Boxing, The - W.C. Heinz
First and Last Freedom, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Fit All the Way - Camp
Flight of the Eagle, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Freedom from the Known - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Fun in the Water (Author Unknown) - Author Unknown
Functional Isometric Contraction - Bob Hoffman
Fundamental Training on Martial Arts - Tsai Lung-Yun
Gentleman's Art of Self-Defense - Author Unknown
Genuine Tai Chi: Lee's Modified Tai Chi for Health - Lee Ying Arn
Gestalt Therapy Now - Joen Fagan and Irma L. Shepherd
Gestalt Therapy Verbatim - Fritz Perls
Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality - Frederick Perls MD
Get Fit: The Champion's Way - Brian Corrigan and Alan R. Morton
Gold Orchid, A: The Love Poems of Tzu Yeh - Tzu Yeh
Good English: How to Speak and Write It - Author Unknown
Gorgias - Plato
Gray's Anatomy - Henry Gray
Great Philosophers, The - Karl Jaspers
Greek Temples, Theaters and Shrines - H. Berve, etc. al.
Green Berets, The - Robin Moore
Grow Rich While You Sleep - Ben Sweetland
Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind - Napoleon Hill
Guide to Confident Living, A - Norman Vincent Peale
Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai - Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Hand is My Sword, The - Robert A. Trias
Handbook of Judo, The - Gene LeBell and L.C. Coughran
Handbook of Progressive Gymnastics - Tom DeCarlo
Handbook of Proverbs - Henry George Bohn
Happiness Begins Before Breakfast - Harry and Joan Mier
Help For Your Aching Back! - Harvey Kopell, M.D.
Helping Yourself With Self-Hypnosis - Frank S. Caprio and Joseph R. Berger
Hero With a Thousand Faces, The - Joseph Campbell
Historical Aspect of the Study of Human Constitutional Types, The - Wilbur Marion Krogman
History of Chinese Philosophy, A - Fun-Yu Lan
Holy Bible - God
Honor Blackman's Book of Self-Defense - Honor Blackman with Joe and Doug Robinson
How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling - Frank Bettger
How to Box - Joe Louis (two copies)
How to Make Movies - Robert Ferguson
How to Relax: Scientific Body Control - William H. Miller
I Can: The Key to Life's Golden Secrets - Ben Sweetland
I Ching translation - Richard Wilhelm
I Will - Ben Sweetland
I'Ching or Book of Changes translation - Carry F. Baynes and R. Wilhelm
If The Shoe Fits - Harry and Joan Mier
If the War Goes On: Reflections On War and Politics - Hermann Hesse
Illustrated Guide to the Takedown in Wrestling - Robert L. Brown and Thomas E. Ro
Illustrated History of the Olympics, An - Richard Schaap
Immortal Friend, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Impossible Question, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Indian Mind, The: Essentials of Indian Philosophy and Culture - Charles A. Moore
Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, An - David Hume
Instructions to Young Boxers (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Integral Yoga Hatha - Swami Satchidananda
Introduction to Logic - Irving M. Copi
Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas edited - Anton C. Pegis
Introduction to Zen Bhuddism, An - D.T. Suzuki
Introduction to Zen Training - Omori Sogen
Ironman Magazine (quantity unknown, but he was a subscriber) - Peary Rader
Islam (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Isometric and Isotonic Exercises (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Jesus and Krishnamurti: Their Lives and Teachings - Harriet Tuttle Bartlett
Jiu Jitsu - Frederick Paul Lowell
Journey to the East - Herman Hesse
Judo - Eric Dominy
Judo - Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Judo - Wolfgang Hofmann
Judo Combination Techniques - Teizo Kawamura
Judo for the West - G.R. GleesonÓ
Judo For Young Men - Donn Draeger, and Tadao Otaki
Judo On the Ground: the Oda (9th Dan) Method Katamawaza - E. J. Harrison
Judo Throws and Counters - Eric Dominy
Judo Training Methods: A Sourcebook - Donn Draeger, and Takahiko Ishikawa
Karate Basics (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Karate-Do: Nyumon - Gichin Funakoshi
Karate: The Art of Empty Hand Fighting - Hidetaka Nishiyama and Richard C. Brown
Kenpo Karate: Law of the Fist - Ed Parker
Key to Judo, The - Chikashi Nakanishi
Key to Nutrition, The - Carlson Wade
Kill Or Get Killed - Col. Rex Applegate
"Language, Truth and Logic - A.J. Ayers
Let's Cook It Right - Adele Davis
Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit - Adele Davis
Lets Get Well - Adele Davis
Life Ahead - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Life in Freedom - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Living Issues in Philosophy - Harold Titus
Living Zen - Robert Linssen
Logic of Preference, The - G.H. Von Wright
Magic of Personality Power, The: Your Guide to Business and Social Success - Gyula
Magic of Thinking Big, The - David J. Schwartz
Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology, The: The New Way to a Bright, Full Life - Maxwell Maltz
Man Must Fight, A - Gene Tunney
Man: A Constitutional Investigation - William A. Tucker and William A. Lessa
Mas Oyama's Karate: As Practiced in Japan - Bobby Lowe
Master Key To Riches, The - Napoleon Hill
Masterpieces of World Philosophy - L. Frank N. Magill
Matter of Zen, The: A Brief Account of Zazen - P. Wienphahl
Maxims and Reflections - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Mechanics of Atheletics, The - Geoffrey H.G. Dyson
Medical Implications of Karate Blows, The - Brian C. Adams
Meditations - Rene Descartes
Mencius - Leonard A. Lyall
Method of Zen, The - Eugen Herrigel
Modem Weight Training - Oscar Heidenstam
Modern Kung-Fu Karate: Iron, Poison Hand Training - James Yimm Lee
More Playboy's Party Jokes - Editors of Playboy Magazine
Muir's Thesaurus of Truths - Leo J. Muir
Muscles of the Body and How to Develop Them, The - Athletic Publications
Muscular Arms and Shoulders - Harry B. Paschall
Musings of a Chinese Mystic: Selections from the Philosophy of Chuang Tzu - Chuang Tzu
My Study of Judo - G. Koizumi
Mystic Path To Cosmic Power, The - Vernon Howard
Myths To Live - Joseph Campbell
Naval Aviation Physical Training Manual, The (1943) - US Department of the Navy
New Art of Living, The - Norman Vincent Peale
New Dimensions of Yoga - Yogi Raushan Nath
NFL Guide to Physical Fitness, The (1965) - NFL
Noble and Manly: The History of the National Sporting Club - Guy Deghy
Notes to Myself - Hugh Prather
Odes of Confucius, The - Kramer Byna
On Becoming a Person - Carl Rogers
On Fencing - Nadi Aldo
On Sudden Illumination - Master Hui Hai
Only Revolution, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Other Side of the Mind, The - Clement Stone
Overload Circuit Training - John E. Nulton
Pa Kua: Chinese Boxing for Fitness and Self-Defense - Robert W. Smith
Passionate State of Mind, A - Eric Hoffer
Peng Pu Chuan (author and exact title unknown) - Author Unknown
Philosophers of China, The - Clarence Burton Day
Philosophical Works edited - J.M.Robertson
Philosophy - Bertrand Russell
Physical Activity in Modern Living - Wayne Van Huss, John Friedrich, Robert Mayberry et al.
Physical Combat (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Physical Conditioning Exercises for Sports and Healthful Living - George T. Staff
Physical Culture (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Physical Fitness and Dynamic Health - Thomas Kirk Cureton, Jr.
Physiology of Exercise - Laurence E. Morehouse and Augustus Miller
Pictorial History of Boxing, A - Sam Andre and Nat Fleischer
Pictorial History of Philosophy - Dagobert Runes
Platform Sutra - Eno Daikan Zenji
Playboy Magazine (reportedly four boxes worth) - Hugh Hefner
Playboy's Party Jokes - Editors of Playboy Magazine
Poems That Live Forever, compiled by Hazel Feldman
Power in Athletics - Glenn Clark
Power of Positive Thinking, The - Norman Vincent Peale
Practical Combat (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Practical Karate Book Four: Defense Against Armed Assailants - Donn F. Drager, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practical Karate Book One: Fundamentals - Donn F. Draeger, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practical Karate Book Three: Defense Against Multiple Assailants - Donn F. Drager, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practical Karate Book Two: Against the Unarmed Assailant Donn F. Draeger, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practice of Zen, The - Chang Chen Chi
Prophet, The - Kahlil Gibran
Psycho-Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz
Psycho-Yoga: The Practice of Mind Control - B. Edwin, Dr.
Psychotherapy East and West - Alan Watts
Pure and Applied Gymnastics - Albert D. Munrow
Range of Philosophy, The - Harold Titus and Maylon Hepp
Rational Limbering - Zelia Raye
Recognition of Reason, The - Edward Pols
Red Badge of Courage, The - Stephen Crane
Reference Book of Gymnastics Training for Boys - The Board of Education (British)
Relationship of Extreme Somatypes to Performance in Motor and Strength Tests, The - Frank D. Sills Research Quarterly
Right and Left Hand Fencing - L.F. Terrone
Ring Magazine (quantity unknown, but he was a subscriber) - Max Fleischer
Rocky Marciano's Best of Boxing and Bodybuilding - Rocky Marciano
Roget's Thesaurus - Roget
Rosshalde - Herman Hesse
Samurai Sword: A Handbook, The - John M. Yumoto
Sayings of Chuang Tzu, The - Chuang Tzu
Scientific Basis of Athlete Training - Laurence E. Morehouse, Ph.D. and Philip J Rasch
Screwtape Letters, The - C. S. Lewis
Search, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Secret Fighting Arts of the World - John Gilbey
Secret of the Golden Flower - Tung-Pin Leu
Secrets of Chinese Karate - Ed Parker and James Woo
Secrets of Judo: A Text for Instructors and Students - Jiichi Watanabe and Lindy
Secrets of Shaolin Temple Boxing - Robert W. Smith
Selected Verse - Johann Wolfgang Goethe, translated by David Luke
Self Defense or the Art of Boxing (9th Edition) - Professor Ned Donnelly
Selling Water by the River: A Manual of Zen Training - Jiyu Kennett
Sense and Sensitivity in Gymnastics - Allen
Shin Buddhism - D.T. Suzuki
Shorinji Kempo: Philosophy and Techniques - Doshin So
Short History of Chinese Philosophy, A: A Systematic Account of Chinese Thought - Fun-Yu Lan
Siddhartha - Herman Hesse
Sign of the Times - Thomas Carlyle
Slimnastics - Pamela Nottidge
Song of Life, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Source Book In Ancient Philosophy, A - Charles. M. Blakewell
Source Book In Chinese Philosophy, A - Wing-Tsit Chan
Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, The - Fung Yu-Lan
Spirit of Zen, The - Alan Watts
Sport of Judo, The - Kiyoshi Kobayashi and Harold E. Sharp
Sports Illustrated Book of Fencing - Sports Illustrated
Standing Judo: The Combinations and Counterattacks - Mikonosuke Kawaishi
Status Seekers, The - Vance Packard
Story of Civilization, The Volume I: Our Oriental Heritage - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume II: The Life of Greece - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume III: Caesar and Christ - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume IV: The Age of Faith - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume IX: The Age of Voltaire - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume V: The Renaissance - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume VI: The Reformation - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume VII: The Age of Reason Begins - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume VIII: The Age of Louis XIV - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume X: Rousseau and Revolution - Will Durant
Story of Oriental Philosophy, The - L. Adam Beck
Story of Philosophy, The - Will Durant
Strength and How to Obtain It - Eugen Sandow
Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion - Napoleon Hill
Success System That Never Fails, The - Clement Stone
Success Through a Positive Attitude - W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill
Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude - Clement Stone
Successful Wrestling: Its Bases and Problems - Arnold William Umbach
Summa Theologica - Saint Thomas Aquinas
Tai Chi Chuan and I Ching - Da Liu
Tai Chi for Health - Edward Maisel
Tai Chi: The Supreme Ultimate Exercise for Health, Sport and Self-Defense - Chen-Man Ching and Robert W. Smith
Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu
Tao, the Great Luminant - Lao Tzu, translation by Evan Morgan
Taoist Notebook, A - Edward Herbert
Teach Yourself Logic - A.A. Luce
Technique of Film Making, The - Author Unknown
Techniques of Aikido - Thomas H. Makiyama
Textbook of Ju-Jitsu As Practiced in Japan, The - Sada Kazu Uyenishi
Textbook of Yoga Psychology, The - Ranamurti S. Mishra, M.D.
Texts of Taoism, The - James Legge
The Chinese Classics: Spring and Autumn Annals translated - James Legge
The Koran - God
Theory and Practice of Fencing - Julio Martinez Castello
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
Think On These Things - Jiddu Krishnamurti
This Is It - Alan Watts
This Is Karate - Mas Oyama
This Is Kendo - Junzo Sasamori and Gordon Warner
This Matter of Culture - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Tibetan Book of The Dead, The - Author Unknown
Tibetan Yoga - Bernard Bromage
Training for Great Strength: An Introduction to the Science of Strength and BodyBuilding - Chas T. Trevor
Translations From The Chinese - Arthur Waley
Translations From The Chinese - Lin Yu-Tang
True Believer, The - Eric Hoffer
U.S. Army Boxing Manual - United States Army
U.S. Navy Boxing Manual - United States Navy
Undiscovered Self, The - Carl Jung
Unfettered Mind : Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master, The - Takuan Soho
Urgency of Change, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Varieties of Human Physique, The - W.H. Sheldon, S.S. Stevens and W.B. Tucker
Viking Book of Aphorisms, The - W.H. Auden
Wake Up Your Mind - Alex Osborn
Walk On! - Christmas Humphreys
War Without Weapons - Philip Goodhart
Way of Action, The - Christmas Humphreys
Way of Chinese Painting, The: It's Ideas and Techniques - Mai-Mai Sze
Way of Chuang Tzu, The - Thomas Merton
Way of Karate, The: Beyond Technique - George E. Mattson
Way of Life, The (Tao Te Ching) - Lao Tzu, translated by R.B. Blakney
Way of Zen, The - Alan Watts
Weight Training for Athletics - Oscar State
Weightlifting - Tackle
Weightlifting and Weight Training - George Kirkley
What Is Karate - Mas Oyama
What the Buddha Taught - Walpola Rahula
Wing Chun - James Lee
Winning Personal Recognition - Charles B. Roth
Wisdom of China and India, The - Lin Yu-Tang
Wisdom of Confucius, The - Epiphanius Wilson
Wisdom of Lao-Tse, The - Lin Yu-Tang
Wisdom of the Chinese, The - Brian Brown
Wisdom of the West - Bertrand Russell
Works of Mencius, The - James Legge
Works of Plato, The - Plato
Works of Shakespeare, The - William Shakespeare
Works of Socrates, The - Socrates
World of Literature, The - Author Unknown
World of Philosophy, The - Author Unknown
World of Zen, The - Nancy Ross
World's Religions, The - Huston Smith
Yoga Practice - Author Unknown
Yogic Exercises (author unknown) - Author Unknown
You Are the World - Jiddu Krishnamurti
You Can Learn to Speak - Royal L. Garff
You Too Can Work Wonders - Harry and Joan Mier
Your Personal Handbook of Self Defense - Gene LeBell and L. C. Coughran
Yourself and Zen (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Zen and American Thought - Van Meter Ames
Zen and Japanese Culture - D.T. Suzuki
Zen and Reality - Robert Powell
Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis - D. T. Suzuki (Daisetz)
Zen Comes West - Christmas Humphreys
Zen Dictionary - Ernest Wood
Zen for the West - Sohaka Kogata
Zen in the Art of Archery - Eugen Herrigel
Zen Teaching of Huang Po, The: On the Transmission of the Mind - John Blofeld
Zen, Taoism and Oriental Philosophy (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Zen: A Way of Life - Christmas Humphreys
Zen: Poems, Prayers, Sermons, Anecdotes, Interviews - edited by Lucien Stryk

Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee, showing Bruce's Personal Archived Library Collection

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Bruce Lee's Poetry

Bruce Lee would've been 75 years old today. 

In his honor, I'm posting some of his poetry. 7 poems from "Bruce Lee: Artist of Life" edited by John Little. There are 17 more poems in it. 3 other poems from sources as noted.


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Into a soul absolutely free
From thoughts and emotion,
Even the tiger finds no room
To insert its fierce claws.

One and the same breeze passes
Over the pines on the mountain
And the oak trees in the valley;
And why do they give different notes?

No thinking, no reflecting,
Perfect emptiness;
Yet therein something moves,
Following its own course.

The eye sees it,
But no hands can take hold of it—
The moon in the stream.

Clouds and mists,
They are midair transformations;
Above them eternally shine the sun and the moon.

Victory is for the one,
Even before the combat,
Who has no thought of himself,
Abiding in the no-mind-ness of Great Origin.

Source:  Tao of Jeet Kune Do (1975), page 2


Black clouds,
Fallen blossoms and pale moon,
The hurried flight of birds
The arrival of lonely Autumn
The time for us to part.

The clouds above are floating across the sky
Swiftly, swiftly passing,
Or blending together.

Much has been said, yet we have not
Come to the end of our feelings.
Long must be this parting, and
Remember, remember that all
My thoughts have always been of you.

The good time will probably never come back again.
In a moment—our parting will be over.
When days are short and dull nights long

Read this poem I leave you, read it
When the silence of the world possesses you,
Or when you are fretted with disquiet.
Long must be this parting, and
Remember, remember that all
My thoughts have always been of you.

Source: Bruce Lee’s handwritten poem entitled “Rain.” Bruce Lee Papers. (Artist of Life, page 93)


The dying sun lies sadly in the far horizon.
The autumn wind blows mercilessly;
The yellow leaves fall.

From the mountain peak,
Two streams parted unwillingly,

One to the West, one to the East.
The sun will rise again in the morning.
The leaves will be green again in spring.
But must we be like the mountain stream,
Never to meet again?

Source: Bruce Lee’s handwritten poem entitled “The Dying Sun.” Bruce Lee Papers. (Artist of Life, page 95)


For a moment
The surrounding utters no sound.
Time ceases.
The Paradise of Dreams come true.

Source: Bruce Lee’s handwritten poem. Bruce Lee Papers. (Artist of Life, page 100)


Young man,
Seize every minute
Of your time.

The days fly by;
Ere long you too
Will grow old.

If you believe me not,
See there, in the courtyard,
How the frost
Glitters white and cold and cruel
On the grass that once was green.

Do you not see
That you and I
Are as the branches
Of one tree?

With your rejoicing,
Comes my laughter;
With your sadness
Start my tears.

Could life be otherwise
With you and me?

Source: A poem entitled “The Frost,” by Tzu-yeh, that was translated by Bruce Lee. (Artist of Life, page 110)


The wind is in high frolic with the rain.
Outside the garden a little yellow leaf
Clinging desperately to its mother branch.

I pick up the leaf
And put it in the book,
Giving it a home.

Source: Bruce Lee’s handwritten poem. Bruce Lee Papers. (Artist of Life, page 111)


Though the night was made for loving,
And the day returns too soon.

And so the time flies hopefully
Although she’s far away.

Other thoughts may come and go,
But the thought of you,
Remains deeply in my heart.

Source: Bruce Lee’s handwritten poem. Bruce Lee Papers. (Artist of Life, page 112)

Jeff Cooper as Cord in Circle of Iron (1978)
Click for larger pic


I wish neither to possess,
Nor to be possessed.
I no longer covet paradise,
More important, I no longer fear hell.

The medicine for my suffering
I had within me from the very beginning,
But I did not take it.
My ailment came from within myself,
But I did not observe itUntil this moment.

Now I see that I will never find the light
Unless, like the candle, I am my own fuel,
Consuming myself.

Source: “Cord’s closing speech,” quoted from Bruce Lee’s copy of the script of The Silent Flute, written by Bruce Lee, dated October 19, 1970. Bruce Lee Papers. (Artist of Life, page 113)

These next 2 poems were in a letter from Bruce Lee to Jhoon Rhee.

Who am I?

Who am I?
That is the age-old question
Asked by every man
At one time or another.

Though he looks into a mirror
And recognizes the face,
Though he knows his own name
And age and history,
Still he wonders, deep down,
Who am I?

Am I a giant among men,
Master of all I survey,
Or an ineffectual pygmy
Who clumsily blocks his own way?

Am I the self-assured gentleman
With a winning style,
The natural born leader
Who makes friends instantly,
Or the frightened heart
Tiptoeing among strangers,
Who, behind a frozen smile, trembles
Like a little boy lost in a dark forest?

Most of us yearn to be one,
But fear we are the other.
Yet we CAN be
What we aspire to be.

Those who cultivate
Their natural instincts,
Who set their sights
On the good, the admirable, the excellent,
And believe they can achieve it
Will find their confidence rewarded.

And, in the process,
They will discover the true identity
Of him who looks back from the mirror.

Which Are You?

 The doubters said,
“Man cannot fly.”
The doers said,
“Maybe, but we’ll try,”
And finally soared
Into the morning’s glow,
While nonbelievers
Watched from below.

The doubters claimed
The world was flat.
Ships plunged over its edge,
And that was that!

Yet a brand new world
Some doers found,
And returned to prove
This planet round.

The doubters knew
’Twas fact, “Of course,
No noisy gadget
Would e’er replace the horse.”

Yet the carriages
Of doers, sans equine,
Came to traverse
All our roads in time.

But [to] those who kept saying
“It can’t be done,”
Never are the victories
Or the honors won.
But, rather,
By the believing, doing kind,
While the doubters
Watched from far behind.

Source:  Bruce Lee's handwritten letter to Jhoon Rhee. Jhoon Rhee Archives. (Artist of Life, pages 254-255)

This next poem is not written by Bruce Lee. He liked it so much, he wrote a copy of it. 

Click for super large pic

Thinking by Walter D. Wintle
(also known as "The Man Who Thinks He Can")

If you think you are beaten, you are;
If you think you dare not, you don't.
If you'd like to win, but you think you can't,
It is almost a cinch that you won't.

If you think you'll lose, you're lost;
For out of the world we find
Success begins with a fellow's will
It's all in the state of mind.

If you think you're outclassed, you are;
You've got to think high to rise.
You've got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win the prize.

Life's battles don't always go
To the stronger or faster man;
But sooner or later the man who wins
Is the one who thinks he can!

SOURCE:  From my research, this Bruce Lee handwritten unsigned poem was auctioned in June 2010 and sold for $12,756.00!

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

13 GIFs of Ronda Rousey's UFC 193 Open Workout - Throws

During the UFC 193 Open Workout, Ronday Rousey showed off some of her Judo. I took the liberty to make some animated GIFs from MMA Fighting's Source Video. I've posted the video at the end should you want to check it out. I didn't make any bonus/fun GIFs and only GIF'd the action as it occurred homing in on just the Throws-related action. As an example of a bonus/fun GIF, when I have time, I may edit the first GIF for just Ronda speedy setup to throw, etc :)

Later tonight, UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey will face Challenger Holly Holm.  Who do you think will win? Please leave a Comment.

Enjoy these 13 GIF's!

1. O Uchi Gari (inside sweep)

2. Osoto Gari ( Outside Sweep)

3. Uchi Mata

4. Seoi Nage

5. O Uchi again

6. Kosoto Gari and Sumi Gaeshi combo

7. O Uchi Gari again

8. O Uchi Gari/Gake

9. Kosoto Gari

10. De-ashi-harai (forward footsweep) in Harai Goshi (sweeping hip throw)

11. Kosoto Gari to Juji gatame (arm bar)

12. Uki Goshi to armbar

13. Arm bar from back mount

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NOTE: My deepest gratitude to my friend Ian Bryson and his friend, Mike M., in helping identifying the names of the throws!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Terry Trahan teaching Stickwork, Footwork and Knifework

Today, I'm posting some of the videos of Terry Trahan.

He's teaching Stickwork, Footwork and Knifework.


A little about Terry in his own words:

Copied from


Basic Stick Work
12 angles, 3 payongs, 4 shields and 4 wing blocks.

Triangle Footwork Part 1 - basic triangle footwork.

Triangle Footwork Part 2 - basic triangle footwork.

Triangle Footwork Part 3 - basic triangle footwork.

Knife Work 1
Introduction to knife work.
TTP; timing tools and positioning,
and POT; point of threat.

Knife Work 2 reverse grip
Knife work using reverse grip and other ideas

Knife Work 2 Reverse Grip 2
Knife work using reverse grip more explanations.

For more information, please check out:

Monday, November 09, 2015

Spy Escape and Evasions Training

I got Jason Hanson's ebook, "Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life" and there are some great skills to learn in it. Truly believe Self-Defense is all-encompassing and the tradecraft skills in this book should be added to your existing skillset. Went on YouTube and surprised to find his course there!

Posting it here in hopes it can transmit the knowledge that can save lives! I'm such a book geek/collector, I'm going to get the hardcopy too!

Get your Learn on!

The 4 Hour course is action-packed and full of practical information and skills that you and your family will actually use to help you to AVOID emergency situations by learning how to:

  • Keep yourself safe in airplanes, hotels, and public transportation (cabs & buses)
  • Prepare your home or business to avoid break-in with inexpensive solutions
  • Know if you are being followed and evade surveillance
  • Recognize the signs that a serious event is about to occur
  • Become a human lie detector and know when you are being deceived
  • Use social engineering to get almost anything you want
  • Avoid identity theft
  • Create a 23 piece Safety & Survival Kit to keep in your car and at home
​And then what to do when an emergency does happen. For example you will learn how to:

  • Break out of duct tape, zip ties and handcuffs in under 30 seconds or less
  • Pick a door and padlocks
  • Use simple techniques to scare off a potential and immediate threat
  • Follow a 3 step process to disappear without a trace
  • Create and use an improvised weapon

Spy Escape and Evasions Training

01 - The Mafia Story And Why You Must Prepare
02 - The Secret of Situational Awareness
03 - Everyday Carry Gear
04 - Why You Need A Tactical Pen
05 - Laptop Bag Gear
06 - Vehicle Survival Gear
07 - How To Build And Hide A Cache
08 - How To Gather Intelligence
09 - The Black Market
10 - What To Do When A Crisis Occurs
11 - What To Do If You’re Kidnapped
12 - How To Escape Duct Tape
13 - How To Escape Rope
14 - How To Escape Zip Ties
15 - How To Escape Handcuffs
16 - How To Disappear
17 - How To Do A Dead Drop
18 - What You Need To Know
19 - Social Engineering Secrets
20 - What You Need To Know About Disguises
21 - Surveillance And Counter Surveillance
22 - How To Become A Human Lie Detector
23 - How To Pick Locks
24 - How To Hotwire A Car
25 - Taxi Safety And Survival
26 - Hotel Safety And Survival
27 - Airplane Safety And Survival
28 - Escaping Over Fences
29 - Food And Water Storage
30 - Final Words To Keep You Safe

01 - The Mafia Story And Why You Must Prepare

02 - The Secret of Situational Awareness

03 - Everyday Carry Gear

04 - Why You Need A Tactical Pen

05 - Laptop Bag Gear

06 - Vehicle Survival Gear

07 - How To Build And Hide A Cache

08 - How To Gather Intelligence

09 - The Black Market

10 - What To Do When A Crisis Occurs

11 - What To Do If You’re Kidnapped

12 - How To Escape Duct Tape

13 - How To Escape Rope

14 - How To Escape Zip Ties

15 - How To Escape Handcuffs

16 - How To Disappear

17 - How To Do A Dead Drop

18 - What You Need To Know

19 - Social Engineering Secrets

20 - What You Need To Know About Disguises

21 - Surveillance And Counter Surveillance

22 - How To Become A Human Lie Detector

23 - How To Pick Locks

24 - How To Hotwire A Car

25 - Taxi Safety And Survival

26 - Hotel Safety And Survival

27 - Airplane Safety And Survival

28 - Escaping Over Fences

29 - Food And Water Storage

30 - Final Words To Keep You Safe

Bonus Video: Jason Hanson on Shark Tank

I truly hope you may never need to use these skills! Be safe!

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Dog Brothers Martial Arts Training Group in NYC!!


Passing on some info for readers of my site that may be near the NYC area and looking for Dog Brothers Martial Arts training.

Dog Brothers NY Group Leader (Steve Sachs)
(914) 620-7249
(take out the NOSPAM before emailing)

Group Leader Steve Sachs is looking for like-minded folks who want to train DBMA!

Please share this post/info if you know of anyone interested and help DBMA grow in NYC. Thank you in advance!

Good luck in your Sojourn of Septillion Steps if you join him!


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