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Deconstructing Bruce Lee - The Library

If Bruce Lee was still alive, he would've turned 75 today. I've a project to deconstruct Bruce Lee. It's said he had over 2,000 books in his Library. Here is a list of 390 of them compiled by James Bishop from his book, "Dynamic Becoming".

Acupuncture: The Ancient Chinese Art of Healing and How It Works Scientifically - Felix Mann
Advanced Karate - Mas Oyama
Affair of the Heart, An - Adele Davis
Age of Reason, The - Stuart Hampshire
Aikido - Kisshamaru Ueshiba
Aikido: The Art of Self Defense - K. Tohei
Amazing Results of Positive Thinking, The - Norman Vincent Peale
Analects of Confucius, The - Confucius (translated by Arthur Waley)
Application of Measurement to Health and Physical Education - H.H. Clarke
Arms for Living - Gene Tunney
Art of Keeping Fit, The - Editors of Esquire Magazine
Art of War, The - Sun Tzu
Art of Worldly Wisdom, The - Baltasar Gracian
As a Man Thinketh - James Allen
At the Feet of the Master - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Athlete In The Making, The - Jesse Feiring Williams, M.D., and Eugene White Nixon
Atlas of Man - William H. Sheldon, C. Wesley Dupertius and Eugene McDermott
Be Fit For Life - Kaare Rohdal, M.D.
Beginner's Book of Gymnastics, A - Barry Johnson
Beneath The Wheel - Herman Hesse
Better Boxing - LaFond and MenendezÓ
Body and Mind in Harmony: Tai Chi Chuan-An Ancient Chinese Way of Exercise to Achi - Sophia Delza
Bodybuilding: The Official Training Textbook of the British Amateur Weightlifting - John Barrs
Bokuden Ikun Sho - Tsukahara Budoken
Book of Fencing, The - Kass
Book of Five Rings, The - Miyamoto Musashi
Book of Tao translation, The - F.J. MacHovec
Book, The - Alan Watts
Boxing - Edwin L. Haislet
British Boxing - Denzil Batchelor
Bud Wilkinson's Guide to Modern Physical Fitness - Bud Wilkinson
Buddhism - Christmas Humphreys
Building Our Own Rainbows - Harry and Joan Mier
Bushido: The Soul of the Samurai - Nitobe Inazo
C. G. Jung and Hermann Hesse: A Record of Two Friendships - Miguel Serrano
Candles In the Sun - Emily Lutyens
Canon of Judo - Kyuzo Mifune
Championship Fighting: Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense - Jack Dempsey
Championship Judo - Trevor Leggett and K. Watanabe
Change: Eight Lectures on the I'Ching - Hellmut Wilhelm
Change: Eight Lectures on the I'Ching - James Legge
Chinese Classics: Book of Documents translated - James Legge
Chinese Classics: Book of Odes translated - James Legge
Chinese Classics: I Ching translated - James Legge
Chinese Classics: Record of Rites translated - James Legge
Chinese Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense - Bruce Lee
Chinese Philosophy in Classical Times translated and edited - E.R. Hughes
Chuang Tzu - Chuang Tzu
Chung Yung, The, or the Centre, the Common - Herbert Giles, translated Leonard A. Lyall
Civilization of China, The - Carl Rogers
Client-Centered Therapy - Chauang Tzu
Combat Training of the Individual Soldier and Patrolling published - US Department of the Army
Come Away - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living: First Series - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living: Second Series - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Living: Third Series - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Commentaries on Zen - D.T. Suzuki
Complete Amateur Boxer, The - Bohun Lynch
Complete Kano of Jujitsu, The - Hancock H. Irving and Katsukona Higashi
Complete Physique Book, The - David Webster
Concentration: A Guide to Mental Mastery - Mouni Sadhu
Conjectures and Refutations - Karl Jaspers
Contest Judo - Charles Yerkow
Controlled Exercise for Physical Fitness - J.R. Peebler
Creative Selling - Charles Lohse
Crisis in Consciousness: Commentaries on Love, Life and Death and Other Matters b - Robert Powell
Discourse on the Method - Rene Descartes
Dynamic Aikido - Gozo Shioda
Dynamic Judo: Grappling Techniques - Kazuzo Kudo
Dynamic Judo: Throwing Techniques - Kazuzo Kudo
Dynamic Self-Defense - Sam H. Alred
Dynamic Thinking - Melvin Powers
Education and the Significance of Life - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Efficiency of Human Movement - Marion Ruth Broer
Elements of Style - Strunk and White
Encyclopedia Britannica - Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica
English Grammar and Composition (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Enthusiasm Makes the Difference - Norman Vincent Peale
Essence of Buddhism, The - P. Lakshmi Narasu
Essential Karate - Mas Oyama
Ethics - Baruch Spinoza
Faith is the Answer - Norman Vincent Peale
Fencing - Hugo and James Castello
Fencing - Muriel Bower and Torao Mori
Fencing With the Electric Foil - Roger Crossnier
Fencing With the Epee - Roger Crossnier
Fencing With the Sabre: Instruction and Technique - Roger Crossnier
Fighting and Boxing (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Fighting Man, The - Jack Coggins
Figure Improvement and Body Conditioning Through Exercise - Earl Wallis and Gene
Fireside Book of Boxing, The - W.C. Heinz
First and Last Freedom, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Fit All the Way - Camp
Flight of the Eagle, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Freedom from the Known - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Fun in the Water (Author Unknown) - Author Unknown
Functional Isometric Contraction - Bob Hoffman
Fundamental Training on Martial Arts - Tsai Lung-Yun
Gentleman's Art of Self-Defense - Author Unknown
Genuine Tai Chi: Lee's Modified Tai Chi for Health - Lee Ying Arn
Gestalt Therapy Now - Joen Fagan and Irma L. Shepherd
Gestalt Therapy Verbatim - Fritz Perls
Gestalt Therapy: Excitement and Growth in the Human Personality - Frederick Perls MD
Get Fit: The Champion's Way - Brian Corrigan and Alan R. Morton
Gold Orchid, A: The Love Poems of Tzu Yeh - Tzu Yeh
Good English: How to Speak and Write It - Author Unknown
Gorgias - Plato
Gray's Anatomy - Henry Gray
Great Philosophers, The - Karl Jaspers
Greek Temples, Theaters and Shrines - H. Berve, etc. al.
Green Berets, The - Robin Moore
Grow Rich While You Sleep - Ben Sweetland
Grow Rich! With Peace of Mind - Napoleon Hill
Guide to Confident Living, A - Norman Vincent Peale
Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai - Yamamoto Tsunetomo
Hand is My Sword, The - Robert A. Trias
Handbook of Judo, The - Gene LeBell and L.C. Coughran
Handbook of Progressive Gymnastics - Tom DeCarlo
Handbook of Proverbs - Henry George Bohn
Happiness Begins Before Breakfast - Harry and Joan Mier
Help For Your Aching Back! - Harvey Kopell, M.D.
Helping Yourself With Self-Hypnosis - Frank S. Caprio and Joseph R. Berger
Hero With a Thousand Faces, The - Joseph Campbell
Historical Aspect of the Study of Human Constitutional Types, The - Wilbur Marion Krogman
History of Chinese Philosophy, A - Fun-Yu Lan
Holy Bible - God
Honor Blackman's Book of Self-Defense - Honor Blackman with Joe and Doug Robinson
How I Raised Myself From Failure to Success in Selling - Frank Bettger
How to Box - Joe Louis (two copies)
How to Make Movies - Robert Ferguson
How to Relax: Scientific Body Control - William H. Miller
I Can: The Key to Life's Golden Secrets - Ben Sweetland
I Ching translation - Richard Wilhelm
I Will - Ben Sweetland
I'Ching or Book of Changes translation - Carry F. Baynes and R. Wilhelm
If The Shoe Fits - Harry and Joan Mier
If the War Goes On: Reflections On War and Politics - Hermann Hesse
Illustrated Guide to the Takedown in Wrestling - Robert L. Brown and Thomas E. Ro
Illustrated History of the Olympics, An - Richard Schaap
Immortal Friend, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Impossible Question, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Indian Mind, The: Essentials of Indian Philosophy and Culture - Charles A. Moore
Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, An - David Hume
Instructions to Young Boxers (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Integral Yoga Hatha - Swami Satchidananda
Introduction to Logic - Irving M. Copi
Introduction to Saint Thomas Aquinas edited - Anton C. Pegis
Introduction to Zen Bhuddism, An - D.T. Suzuki
Introduction to Zen Training - Omori Sogen
Ironman Magazine (quantity unknown, but he was a subscriber) - Peary Rader
Islam (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Isometric and Isotonic Exercises (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Jesus and Krishnamurti: Their Lives and Teachings - Harriet Tuttle Bartlett
Jiu Jitsu - Frederick Paul Lowell
Journey to the East - Herman Hesse
Judo - Eric Dominy
Judo - Kiyoshi Kobayashi
Judo - Wolfgang Hofmann
Judo Combination Techniques - Teizo Kawamura
Judo for the West - G.R. GleesonÓ
Judo For Young Men - Donn Draeger, and Tadao Otaki
Judo On the Ground: the Oda (9th Dan) Method Katamawaza - E. J. Harrison
Judo Throws and Counters - Eric Dominy
Judo Training Methods: A Sourcebook - Donn Draeger, and Takahiko Ishikawa
Karate Basics (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Karate-Do: Nyumon - Gichin Funakoshi
Karate: The Art of Empty Hand Fighting - Hidetaka Nishiyama and Richard C. Brown
Kenpo Karate: Law of the Fist - Ed Parker
Key to Judo, The - Chikashi Nakanishi
Key to Nutrition, The - Carlson Wade
Kill Or Get Killed - Col. Rex Applegate
"Language, Truth and Logic - A.J. Ayers
Let's Cook It Right - Adele Davis
Let's Eat Right to Keep Fit - Adele Davis
Lets Get Well - Adele Davis
Life Ahead - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Life in Freedom - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Living Issues in Philosophy - Harold Titus
Living Zen - Robert Linssen
Logic of Preference, The - G.H. Von Wright
Magic of Personality Power, The: Your Guide to Business and Social Success - Gyula
Magic of Thinking Big, The - David J. Schwartz
Magic Power of Self-Image Psychology, The: The New Way to a Bright, Full Life - Maxwell Maltz
Man Must Fight, A - Gene Tunney
Man: A Constitutional Investigation - William A. Tucker and William A. Lessa
Mas Oyama's Karate: As Practiced in Japan - Bobby Lowe
Master Key To Riches, The - Napoleon Hill
Masterpieces of World Philosophy - L. Frank N. Magill
Matter of Zen, The: A Brief Account of Zazen - P. Wienphahl
Maxims and Reflections - Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Mechanics of Atheletics, The - Geoffrey H.G. Dyson
Medical Implications of Karate Blows, The - Brian C. Adams
Meditations - Rene Descartes
Mencius - Leonard A. Lyall
Method of Zen, The - Eugen Herrigel
Modem Weight Training - Oscar Heidenstam
Modern Kung-Fu Karate: Iron, Poison Hand Training - James Yimm Lee
More Playboy's Party Jokes - Editors of Playboy Magazine
Muir's Thesaurus of Truths - Leo J. Muir
Muscles of the Body and How to Develop Them, The - Athletic Publications
Muscular Arms and Shoulders - Harry B. Paschall
Musings of a Chinese Mystic: Selections from the Philosophy of Chuang Tzu - Chuang Tzu
My Study of Judo - G. Koizumi
Mystic Path To Cosmic Power, The - Vernon Howard
Myths To Live - Joseph Campbell
Naval Aviation Physical Training Manual, The (1943) - US Department of the Navy
New Art of Living, The - Norman Vincent Peale
New Dimensions of Yoga - Yogi Raushan Nath
NFL Guide to Physical Fitness, The (1965) - NFL
Noble and Manly: The History of the National Sporting Club - Guy Deghy
Notes to Myself - Hugh Prather
Odes of Confucius, The - Kramer Byna
On Becoming a Person - Carl Rogers
On Fencing - Nadi Aldo
On Sudden Illumination - Master Hui Hai
Only Revolution, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Other Side of the Mind, The - Clement Stone
Overload Circuit Training - John E. Nulton
Pa Kua: Chinese Boxing for Fitness and Self-Defense - Robert W. Smith
Passionate State of Mind, A - Eric Hoffer
Peng Pu Chuan (author and exact title unknown) - Author Unknown
Philosophers of China, The - Clarence Burton Day
Philosophical Works edited - J.M.Robertson
Philosophy - Bertrand Russell
Physical Activity in Modern Living - Wayne Van Huss, John Friedrich, Robert Mayberry et al.
Physical Combat (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Physical Conditioning Exercises for Sports and Healthful Living - George T. Staff
Physical Culture (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Physical Fitness and Dynamic Health - Thomas Kirk Cureton, Jr.
Physiology of Exercise - Laurence E. Morehouse and Augustus Miller
Pictorial History of Boxing, A - Sam Andre and Nat Fleischer
Pictorial History of Philosophy - Dagobert Runes
Platform Sutra - Eno Daikan Zenji
Playboy Magazine (reportedly four boxes worth) - Hugh Hefner
Playboy's Party Jokes - Editors of Playboy Magazine
Poems That Live Forever, compiled by Hazel Feldman
Power in Athletics - Glenn Clark
Power of Positive Thinking, The - Norman Vincent Peale
Practical Combat (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Practical Karate Book Four: Defense Against Armed Assailants - Donn F. Drager, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practical Karate Book One: Fundamentals - Donn F. Draeger, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practical Karate Book Three: Defense Against Multiple Assailants - Donn F. Drager, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practical Karate Book Two: Against the Unarmed Assailant Donn F. Draeger, Masatoshi Nakayama
Practice of Zen, The - Chang Chen Chi
Prophet, The - Kahlil Gibran
Psycho-Cybernetics - Maxwell Maltz
Psycho-Yoga: The Practice of Mind Control - B. Edwin, Dr.
Psychotherapy East and West - Alan Watts
Pure and Applied Gymnastics - Albert D. Munrow
Range of Philosophy, The - Harold Titus and Maylon Hepp
Rational Limbering - Zelia Raye
Recognition of Reason, The - Edward Pols
Red Badge of Courage, The - Stephen Crane
Reference Book of Gymnastics Training for Boys - The Board of Education (British)
Relationship of Extreme Somatypes to Performance in Motor and Strength Tests, The - Frank D. Sills Research Quarterly
Right and Left Hand Fencing - L.F. Terrone
Ring Magazine (quantity unknown, but he was a subscriber) - Max Fleischer
Rocky Marciano's Best of Boxing and Bodybuilding - Rocky Marciano
Roget's Thesaurus - Roget
Rosshalde - Herman Hesse
Samurai Sword: A Handbook, The - John M. Yumoto
Sayings of Chuang Tzu, The - Chuang Tzu
Scientific Basis of Athlete Training - Laurence E. Morehouse, Ph.D. and Philip J Rasch
Screwtape Letters, The - C. S. Lewis
Search, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Secret Fighting Arts of the World - John Gilbey
Secret of the Golden Flower - Tung-Pin Leu
Secrets of Chinese Karate - Ed Parker and James Woo
Secrets of Judo: A Text for Instructors and Students - Jiichi Watanabe and Lindy
Secrets of Shaolin Temple Boxing - Robert W. Smith
Selected Verse - Johann Wolfgang Goethe, translated by David Luke
Self Defense or the Art of Boxing (9th Edition) - Professor Ned Donnelly
Selling Water by the River: A Manual of Zen Training - Jiyu Kennett
Sense and Sensitivity in Gymnastics - Allen
Shin Buddhism - D.T. Suzuki
Shorinji Kempo: Philosophy and Techniques - Doshin So
Short History of Chinese Philosophy, A: A Systematic Account of Chinese Thought - Fun-Yu Lan
Siddhartha - Herman Hesse
Sign of the Times - Thomas Carlyle
Slimnastics - Pamela Nottidge
Song of Life, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Source Book In Ancient Philosophy, A - Charles. M. Blakewell
Source Book In Chinese Philosophy, A - Wing-Tsit Chan
Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, The - Fung Yu-Lan
Spirit of Zen, The - Alan Watts
Sport of Judo, The - Kiyoshi Kobayashi and Harold E. Sharp
Sports Illustrated Book of Fencing - Sports Illustrated
Standing Judo: The Combinations and Counterattacks - Mikonosuke Kawaishi
Status Seekers, The - Vance Packard
Story of Civilization, The Volume I: Our Oriental Heritage - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume II: The Life of Greece - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume III: Caesar and Christ - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume IV: The Age of Faith - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume IX: The Age of Voltaire - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume V: The Renaissance - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume VI: The Reformation - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume VII: The Age of Reason Begins - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume VIII: The Age of Louis XIV - Will Durant
Story of Civilization, The Volume X: Rousseau and Revolution - Will Durant
Story of Oriental Philosophy, The - L. Adam Beck
Story of Philosophy, The - Will Durant
Strength and How to Obtain It - Eugen Sandow
Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion - Napoleon Hill
Success System That Never Fails, The - Clement Stone
Success Through a Positive Attitude - W. Clement Stone and Napoleon Hill
Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude - Clement Stone
Successful Wrestling: Its Bases and Problems - Arnold William Umbach
Summa Theologica - Saint Thomas Aquinas
Tai Chi Chuan and I Ching - Da Liu
Tai Chi for Health - Edward Maisel
Tai Chi: The Supreme Ultimate Exercise for Health, Sport and Self-Defense - Chen-Man Ching and Robert W. Smith
Tao Te Ching - Lao Tzu
Tao, the Great Luminant - Lao Tzu, translation by Evan Morgan
Taoist Notebook, A - Edward Herbert
Teach Yourself Logic - A.A. Luce
Technique of Film Making, The - Author Unknown
Techniques of Aikido - Thomas H. Makiyama
Textbook of Ju-Jitsu As Practiced in Japan, The - Sada Kazu Uyenishi
Textbook of Yoga Psychology, The - Ranamurti S. Mishra, M.D.
Texts of Taoism, The - James Legge
The Chinese Classics: Spring and Autumn Annals translated - James Legge
The Koran - God
Theory and Practice of Fencing - Julio Martinez Castello
Think and Grow Rich - Napoleon Hill
Think On These Things - Jiddu Krishnamurti
This Is It - Alan Watts
This Is Karate - Mas Oyama
This Is Kendo - Junzo Sasamori and Gordon Warner
This Matter of Culture - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Tibetan Book of The Dead, The - Author Unknown
Tibetan Yoga - Bernard Bromage
Training for Great Strength: An Introduction to the Science of Strength and BodyBuilding - Chas T. Trevor
Translations From The Chinese - Arthur Waley
Translations From The Chinese - Lin Yu-Tang
True Believer, The - Eric Hoffer
U.S. Army Boxing Manual - United States Army
U.S. Navy Boxing Manual - United States Navy
Undiscovered Self, The - Carl Jung
Unfettered Mind : Writings of the Zen Master to the Sword Master, The - Takuan Soho
Urgency of Change, The - Jiddu Krishnamurti
Varieties of Human Physique, The - W.H. Sheldon, S.S. Stevens and W.B. Tucker
Viking Book of Aphorisms, The - W.H. Auden
Wake Up Your Mind - Alex Osborn
Walk On! - Christmas Humphreys
War Without Weapons - Philip Goodhart
Way of Action, The - Christmas Humphreys
Way of Chinese Painting, The: It's Ideas and Techniques - Mai-Mai Sze
Way of Chuang Tzu, The - Thomas Merton
Way of Karate, The: Beyond Technique - George E. Mattson
Way of Life, The (Tao Te Ching) - Lao Tzu, translated by R.B. Blakney
Way of Zen, The - Alan Watts
Weight Training for Athletics - Oscar State
Weightlifting - Tackle
Weightlifting and Weight Training - George Kirkley
What Is Karate - Mas Oyama
What the Buddha Taught - Walpola Rahula
Wing Chun - James Lee
Winning Personal Recognition - Charles B. Roth
Wisdom of China and India, The - Lin Yu-Tang
Wisdom of Confucius, The - Epiphanius Wilson
Wisdom of Lao-Tse, The - Lin Yu-Tang
Wisdom of the Chinese, The - Brian Brown
Wisdom of the West - Bertrand Russell
Works of Mencius, The - James Legge
Works of Plato, The - Plato
Works of Shakespeare, The - William Shakespeare
Works of Socrates, The - Socrates
World of Literature, The - Author Unknown
World of Philosophy, The - Author Unknown
World of Zen, The - Nancy Ross
World's Religions, The - Huston Smith
Yoga Practice - Author Unknown
Yogic Exercises (author unknown) - Author Unknown
You Are the World - Jiddu Krishnamurti
You Can Learn to Speak - Royal L. Garff
You Too Can Work Wonders - Harry and Joan Mier
Your Personal Handbook of Self Defense - Gene LeBell and L. C. Coughran
Yourself and Zen (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Zen and American Thought - Van Meter Ames
Zen and Japanese Culture - D.T. Suzuki
Zen and Reality - Robert Powell
Zen Buddhism and Psychoanalysis - D. T. Suzuki (Daisetz)
Zen Comes West - Christmas Humphreys
Zen Dictionary - Ernest Wood
Zen for the West - Sohaka Kogata
Zen in the Art of Archery - Eugen Herrigel
Zen Teaching of Huang Po, The: On the Transmission of the Mind - John Blofeld
Zen, Taoism and Oriental Philosophy (author unknown) - Author Unknown
Zen: A Way of Life - Christmas Humphreys
Zen: Poems, Prayers, Sermons, Anecdotes, Interviews - edited by Lucien Stryk

Shannon Lee, daughter of Bruce Lee, showing Bruce's Personal Archived Library Collection

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