Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bruce Lee taught Kareem Abdul Jabbar to be an "evolved human being"

Today is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's 68th birthday! 

In his honor, I am posting something he wrote from the Bruce Lee newsletter, "Knowing Is Not Enough".


“It’s About Evolution”
By Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
(From “Knowing Is Not Enough”, Spring 2000)

I remember one thing that Bruce pointed out to me in Musashi’s Book of Five Rings. And, you know, Mushashi gives this great test on how to go out and deal with one-on-one combat, but Bruce said to me, “When you learn this, all you know is how to beat people up.” And he reduced it back to all this guy was saying was how to overwhelm people physically and that doesn’t make you an evolved human being. All you’ve learned at that point is how to overwhelm people physically. And you must evolve so much beyond that as a human being in order to use that knowledge in the best and most productive way.

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NOTE:  I thought I had scheduled this to post on April 16, Kareem Abdul Jabbar's 68th birthday, sadly, it was still in "draft mode." Posted April 27 and backdated to April 16.



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