Monday, March 30, 2009

LINKS: Integrated Close Combat Forum (ICCF)

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If you are into combatives, firearms, universal preparedness, and loads of other related subjects, check out the ICCF discussion site. Members are Mil/LEOs as well as civilians. They are knowledgeable and helpful. Below is a post by the founder/administrator of ICCF on what he wants the forum to be able to accomplish:

The Objectives of ICCF

I feel these intentions and objectives need to be clearly stated and, most significantly, appreciated by all. In fact, this should have been posted when I initiated the forum, my sincerest apologies for this oversight.

In founding ICCF, it is my intent and the forum’s objective to:

- Facilitate in the education of the concerned public, be they rookie or veteran, in all facets of close combat (or so-called self-defense), with or devoid of weaponry, basic first-aid and emergency preparedness, and other related issues et al.

- Discuss, evaluate, and advise members regarding the tools necessary to achieve these goals be they shovel or shotgun.

- Let no question go unanswered. However please consider your response with great care.

- Clearly and most succinctly, state these methodologies in an intelligent, educational, and non-confrontational manner. This is to include replies and/or rebuttals as well.

- Consider that ICCF is not strictly a firearm related forum.

- Remember that what is successful for you may not be so for everyone, therefore keep an open mind.

- Respect with vigilance that you are to view the issues from the perspective of an archetypal individual, if there is such, and that ICCF is not necessarily an instructor based forum.

- Differentiate between the needs of a civilian, police officer, and soldier. Not to overlook the sub-categories thereof i.e. handicapped person, beat officer, or forward artillery observer etcetera. While certain skills overlap, individual circumstance will dictated essential instruction and guidance.

…And finally:

- Maintain the integrity, respectability, and dignity of the forum at all times. As all our members are intelligent individuals, no additional explanation of this mandate is required.

Thank you all, a great deal, for your cooperation in heeding to these tenets.


Check it out!

EDITED Feb 3, 2013:  That link is closed. Please check out the new forum:



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