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Bruce Tegner would've been 85 years old today!!

Happy Birthday Bruce Tegner!!

One of America's early martial artists who was a 'mixed martial artist'! His books were inspiration to many American martial artists to take up the Martial Way. He would've been 85 today!

Happy 85th Birthday Bruce Tegner!!

Birth: Oct. 29, 1929
Cook County
Illinois, USA
Death: Aug. 28, 1985
Ventura County
California, USA

Bruce Tegner was a lifelong martial artist and prolific writer of martial arts books, numbering some 25 books in print. Tegner's parents were themselves professional adherents of judo and jujutsu. At age 2, Tegner began his martial arts training under his parents, a curriculum that would last his lifetime. Over his lifetime, Bruce Tegner studied judo, jujutsu, aikido, karate, Japanese sword and stick fighting, Savate (French foot and fist fighting), tai chi, and other Chinese kung fu forms.

Bruce Tegner recounted in his books that he originally trained in the highly traditional and stylized Asian regimen of martial arts training. But as an adult he became concerned that much of the stylization and formality had no place in modern application. There was the prevalent belief that it took a lifetime of rigorous training to become a proficient martial artist. More, a martial arts adherent was expected to athletically proficient. Tegner acknowledged that these long-held beliefs arose from ancient history where warriors did indeed practice their occupation for a lifetime and in doing so remained athletically capable, because they had to. But in modern civilization, man did not need to be a full time warrior, nor could he afford to be unless he or she were in a military occupation. Yet, modern man needed some means of practical self-defense because the physical threats to life and safety remained out there.

Bruce Tegner set out to prove that modern practical self-defense was feasible and did not require many years of rigorous physical regimen nor did an ordinary citizen have to be an athlete in order to defend himself. Yet Tegner remained consistent with his martial arts roots as many of his books are introductions to the traditional martial arts. Bruce Tegner integrated self-defense techniques of judo, jujutsu, and karate into a practical self-defense instructional program he termed, 'jukado'. He did not require physical fitness prowess although he strongly encouraged physical fitness for health reasons and for the obvious that it improved one's training and chances in self-defense. Bruce Tegner led an active martial arts career. He instructed U.S. military instructors; devised law enforcement self-defense courses; created fight scenes for film studios, and for a time, operated his own martial arts dojo in Hollywood, California between 1952 and 1967. Bruce Tegner would later personally instruct several notable Hollywood actors who found the instruction useful in their acting careers.

Like his contemporary, the late Bruce Lee (d. 1973), Bruce Tegner encountered criticism and opposition to his ideas of minimizing highly traditional and stylized elements of martial arts thought to be superfluous or redundant in the search for a practical, more versatile form of modern self-defense. Tegner and Lee were not iconoclasts as many critics accused. They preferred to think of themselves as modern martial artists who hoped to modernize the empty hand martial arts. There was no minimization of the traditional honorable dojo ettiquette that respected the dignity and safety of fellow dojo students. In recent years the concept of modernized, empty hand, self-defense martial arts has become more accepted and received greater study in the U.S. and abroad. But Bruce Tegner would not receive the pioneering credit he was due. After his death in 1985, Bruce Tegner was largely and quietly forgotten. His books on traditional martial arts and modern self-defense are out of print, but remain available for purchase on the Internet from typically individual book owners.

In the mid-1970s, Bruce Tegner taught judo at Moorpark College and Ventura College, both in Southern California. Bruce Tegner served as judo instructor for the Self-Defense program in the Criminology Department at Moorpark College. Bruce Tegner married Alice Greenfield McGrath, of Calgary; Alberta, Canada, a prominent political activist, on April 5, 1977 and remained married to her till his death in 1985. She passed away on November 27, 2009, in Ventura, California.

CAUSE OF DEATH: Heart Attack

Family links:
Spouse: Alice Greenfield McGrath (1917 - 2009)

Cremated, Ashes scattered at sea.
Specifically: Ashes scattered at sea near Ventura Harbor

Created by: Jeff Young
Record added: Feb 14, 2010
Find A Grave Memorial# 48116464

Copied from

Sincerest gratitude to my friend "The Stewed Owl" for some of the video links from this thread:

Mom demo'ing with Bruce

Ricky Nelson practicing Karate with Bruce Tegner on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (Season 9, Episode 27 - 29 Mar. 1961) in the episode, "The Manly Arts"

I don't know if this was him... can't tell because it's fast as well as the video being unclear ... Julie Newmar's The Marriage-go_round (1961) - according to IMDB, he was uncredited as "Judo Man" on an episode.

Can you spot Bruce Tegner in this GIF of a scene in James Coburn's Our Man Flint?

For more info:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Green Hornet episode 08 - Beautiful Dreamer (Part 2) (28 Oct 1966)

48 years ago on this date of Oct 28 in the year 1966, the 8th episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired.

Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago. If you didn't watch Part 1, kindly find it here:


Green Hornet episode 08 - Beautiful Dreamer (Part 2) (28 Oct 1966)

After Eden tried to have Britt killed by brainwashing Casey, Britt as the Green Hornet goes to Eden and tells him that he knows what he's doing and that he wants in. Eden tells him where his next job is. But instead he brainwashes Vanessa and sends her to see him and places some explosive in her purse.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Happy 66th Birthday Coach Dan Gable!!

Click for larger pic
Photo credit:

Today marks the 66th birthday of one of the most famous coaches/wrestlers, Dan Gable, in history. Just in case you don't know of him, a list of his major accomplishments is in order:

  • Wrestled for 3 years at Iowa State University and won 2 NCAA titles while compiling a 181-1 record. His only defeat was his last match.
  • Won the Gold Medal at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, Germany, in the Lightweight Division of Wrestling. Get this:  he did not give up a single point against World-class Olympic-caliber athletes!
  • During his 21 years tenure as head coach at the University of Iowa, he won 16 NCAA team titles between 1976 and 1997.

Posting a documentary in honor of Coach Gable. Enjoy!!

Happy 66th Birthday Coach Gable!! 

For more information:

Thursday, October 23, 2014

GIFs of Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse from Marvel Agents of SHIELD S02E05 (Baton in TV)

This past Tuesday night, October 21st, the TV series, Marvel Agents of SHIELD featured some baton usage in their fifth episode of season two. I'm just a GIF-making geek! One of my Projects is to make animated GIFs of batons in use from Movies and TV. Imagine my delight as I watched the episode.

Adrianne Palicki as Agent Bobbi Morse made her first appearance on the series. In the comics, Bobbi Morse is also known as "Mockingbird" and is the wife of Clint Barton aka "Hawkeye". Looking forward to more scenes of Palicki using the batons!

Below this GIF set, there are links to previous animated GIFs I've made of Batons in Movies and TV in case you missed them.


Here is a GIF of the above 5 GIFs all-in-one:

For other GIFs I made featuring the Baton (Telescopic), please check out:

THIS DATE IN HISTORY: 63 yrs ago today, Gracie vs. Kimura - October 23, 1951 (Maracanã Stadium - Rio de Janeiro, Brasil)

63 years ago today on October 23, 1951, Helio Gracie faced Masahiko Kimura who outweighed him by nearly 80 lbs. The match took place in the Maracanã Stadium at Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. It was the first time that a jiu-jitsu world championship match would be held outside of Japan. Kimura was so confident of victory that he declared that if Helio could last for more than 3 minutes, he should be declared the winner. After 13 minutes, Kimura caught Helio in the shoulder lock that, today, bears Kimura's name. Helio wouldn't tap, so Carlos Gracie threw in the towel forfeiting the match to the Japanese giant. His loss to Kimura was consider one of the greatest victories of Helio Gracie's career.

Enjoy this historic match! 

In case you missed my previous entries on GM Helio:

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Green Hornet episode 07 - Beautiful Dreamer (Part 1) (21 Oct 1966)

48 years ago on this date of Oct 21 in the year 1966, the seventh episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired.

Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago.


Green Hornet E7 Beautiful Dreamer (Part 1) (21 Oct 1966)

A wave of thefts by prominent citizens, & a car explosion which kills a psychology professor baffle police. The citizens claim to remember nothing of their heists. But The Green Hornet discovers an armored car rammed the professor's auto, and a tipster steers him to the Vale of Eden, an upscale spa. As Britt, he tours the health club, becoming suspicious that the rejuvenation method includes individualized relaxation audiotapes, and the clientèle includes some of the thieves.

You can find Part 2 here:

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Alexander Fu Sheng - "Heroes Two" Animated GIFs

Alexander Fu Sheng's birthday was yesterday. I posted about it here:

Today, a followup, a set of GIFs of him in Heroes Two.

Enjoy the GIFs!

Other entries on Alexander Fu Sheng:

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生日快樂郭追!! Happy 63rd Birthday Philip Kwok!!


Happy 63rd Birthday Philip Kwok!!

What did you say? You don't know who Philip Kwok is? Perhaps you recognize his name as "Kuo Chui"? Wait? What?! You still don't know him?!!?!?!? OK, how about "The Lizard"? Yeah, knew you know him!

I didn't like the previous set of GIFs I've made of The Lizard, so I made a new set in honor of his birthday today.

Enjoy this new GIF set!

The Intro Head-shot!

The Lizard showing his particular specialty!

This next GIF is a combo of the second through sixth GIFs


For other Philip Kwok posts, please check out:

Monday, October 20, 2014

Alexander Fu Sheng in "The Four Assassins" (aka "Marco Polo") (1975)

Click for larger pic;

Alexander Fu Sheng would've been 60 today. He passed away way too young at the age of 30. Posting a movie I found on Youtube in his honor.


Alexander Fu Sheng, Chi Kuan Chun, Carter Wong, Shih Szu, Richard Harrison, Wang Lung Wei, Liu Chia hui, Leung Kar yan, Phillip Kwok. Marco Polo a foreigner from venice is given a position in the mongol army. Assigned to track and eliminate a group of han chinese rebels, Marco Polo is amazed at the super human determination and spirit of the chinese as they fight against mongol oppression.

My previous entries on Alexander Fu Sheng:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Today would've been Jesse Glover sifu's 79th birthday!!

Photo credit:  Jesse Glover Non Classical Gung Fu Facebook page

Today  would've been Jesse Glover sifu's 79th birthday. Just in case you do not know him, which is hard to believe, he was Bruce Lee's first American student and assistant instructor. He passed away 2 yrs ago at the age of 77 on June 27, 2012 :(

Posting some videos in his honor. Enjoy!

Eye Attack & The Touch Attack - the power of the eye attack, reaction speed and the secret of the Touch attack

Strikes, sticking hands and correct foot placing

How to open an opponent up, hiding the telegraph and continuous movement

The art of sticking hands and continuous movement

How to refine Wing Chun and be more direct

For further info:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Green Hornet E6 Eat, Drink and be Dead (14 Oct 1966)

48 years ago on this date of Oct 14 in the year 1966, the sixth episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired.

Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago.


Green Hornet E6 Eat, Drink and be Dead (14 Oct 1966)

Bombs dropped from an insect-like helicopter obliterate 2 hoods in a sedan. Britt is after the bootlegging operation behind the killing, so as The Green Hornet he puts pressure on by demanding a share of the moonshiners' proceeds for protection. From their car The Black Beauty, Kato dispatches a "scanner" (small flying remote TV camera) which tracks the undertaking to a dairy farm run by Dirk.

Other episodes of The Green Hornet posted:

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Matt Hughes X Frank Trigg II

Today is Matt Hughes' 41st birthday!

Posting another one of Matt's classic fights.


Matt Hughes X Frank Trigg II

With commentary from Dana White and Joe Rogan.

For other Matt Hughes posts, please find here:

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Ultimate Matt Hughes: Matt Hughes vs Carlos Newton

Today is Matt Hughes' 41st birthday!

Posting one of his classic fights in honor.


Ultimate Matt Hughes: Hughes vs Newton

UFC welterweight legend Matt Hughes recalls his first title fight against fan-favorite Carlos Newton at UFC 34.

For other Matt Hughes posts, please find here:

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Today is Matt Hughes' 41st birthday!

Source photo:  ESPN

Today is Matt Hughes' 41st birthday!

Matt was a NCAA Diviion I wrestler as well as a former two-time UFC Welterweight Champion. Hughes put together two separate six-fight winning streaks in the UFC, won the Welterweight title on two occasions and defended the belt a then-record seven times. In May 2010, he was the seventh fighter (and overall, the 8th person) to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Posting some videos in his honor! Enjoy!

Matt Hughes Tribute | The Way

Matt Hughes Tribute

Matt Hughes Picture Slideshow Tribute With His Theme Song "A Country Boy Can Survive", By Hank Williams Jr.

UFC fighter Matt Hughes - Full interview

MMA fighter Matt Hughes talks about his career, what's going on in his head during fights, tough losses and much more!

Matt Hughes: "I Didn't Want To Retire"

UFC legend Matt Hughes spoke to UFC Tonight analyst Ariel Helwani about his new role at the UFC as the VP of Athlete Development & Government Relations. The former welterweight champion explained why he retired and how UFC President Dana White helped him make the difficult decision.

Matt Hughes Explains His Role as VP of Athlete Development

Matt Hughes, now officially retired from MMA competition, explains his new appointment to VP of Athlete Development. Hughes will act as a liaison between fighters and the UFC when there are issues with the Code of Conduct, and try to offer them wisdom and guidance from his own years of experience as a fighter. Hughes also talks about the transition from fighting to being an executive, whether or not he'll move to Vegas for the job, and what he thinks the future of UFC's Welterweight Division is. This interview is brought to you courtesy of Steve Juon, covering UFC on FOX 6 on behalf of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014

THIS DATE IN HISTORY: 29 years ago today - Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985) (Full movie)

In 1985, 29 years on this date of Oct 11th, Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins premiered. This movie holds a special place in my heart. I read some of the novels in the Destroyer series on which this movie was based. Loved the novels and was ecstatic that a movie was being made with part of the title: "... The Adventure Begins" hinting at sequels. Was not crazy that Joel Grey in makeup played Chiun (a Caucasian playing an Asian) ... perhaps Mako would've been a better choice, but because he's well-known, the producers may not be able to use him due to their budget.

The interaction between Fred Ward's Remo and Grey's Chiun was spot on IMO. The beauty of the novels was the back-and-forth dialogue between Remo and Chiun and some of the outrageous things Chiun would say. Sad that the movie didn't perform well at the box office. The Destroyer series of novels and this movie was not meant to be a hardcore James Bond type. Perhaps this movie failed in the backdrop of 1980's Hollywood action movies, where standard fare were the movies of macho/over-the-top Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Steven Seagal to name a few. With that said, if you have never seen this before, I wholeheartedly reco it!

FYI a failed attempt at a TV series did not last beyond the pilot. In case you missed it, I posted it here:


An NYPD cop is 'killed' in an accident. The death is faked, and he is inducted into the organization CURE, dedicated to preserving the constitution by working outside of it. Remo is to become the enforcement wing (assassin) of CURE, and learns an ancient Korean martial art from Chiun, the Master of Sinanju. Based on the popular pulp series "The Destroyer," by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy.


  • Ed Harris was considered for the role of Remo Williams.
  • The producers were hoping to create a James Bond-style franchise by adapting The Destroyer novels and therefore hired Bond screenwriter Christopher Wood to pen the script. Bond director Guy Hamilton was hired to direct. Remo was considered a "blue collar James Bond".
  • Even though Christopher Wood was credited with writing the screenplay, director Guy Hamilton admitted in an interview with American Cinematographer magazine that he rewrote the screenplay when he was hired to make the picture. He also came up with the Statue of Liberty chase when he saw the statue under construction and realized the potential of the location.
  • Some of the actors who auditioned for the part of Remo Williams claimed to be proficient in the martial art of Sinanju, not realizing it was a fiction derived from the Destroyer novels on which the movie was based.
  • A significant setpiece within the film takes place at the Statue of Liberty, which was surrounded by scaffolding for its restoration during this period.
  • Although the Statue of Liberty was undergoing renovation in preparation for its centennial when the film was made, the filmmakers shot on and around the actual statue and its scaffolding as well as on a full-sized replica (from just below Liberty's book to the top of her torch) which was constructed in Mexico City. Because of weather and scheduling, the sequence required additional photography during the summer following the original mid-December (New York) and late-February (Mexico) shoots. Two different locations photographed during three separate time periods illustrates the value of storyboards and thorough pre-visualization.
  • Joel Grey was offered the role of Chiun several times before accepting it, but kept turning it down because he didn't think he was the right kind of actor for the part. Moreover, Grey had no previous martial-arts experience (and received no such training for the movie once he was cast). What changed Grey's mind was a meeting with Carl Fullerton, the film's make-up artist. Grey said that if he could successfully be made to look like an 80-year-old Korean, he would take the job. Fullerton gave the task his best shot and afterward, a private screen test was held between himself and Grey.
  • The movie was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Makeup at the 58th Academy Awards but lost to Mask.

For more info, please see:

Friday, October 10, 2014

6 GIFs of Automne Pavia's Ippon Counterthrow of Nae Udaka from the 2014 Judo World Championships

Today, I present to you a thing of beauty. Everyone appreciates beauty when they see it. Beauty comes in many forms and invariably Margaret Wolfe Hungerford's age-old saying comes to mind, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

In the various combat sports there are many expressions of beauty. In Boxing, there is the Knockout. In MMA, there is the beautifully executed Submission. That brings us to the subject of today's post ... the perfectly executed Throw/Counter-throw of Judo. The Women's Team competition of the 2014 World Judo Championships was held recently on August 25th in Chelyabinsk, Russia.

I didn't watch the 2014 World Championships yet, but have watched the match in the Women's 57kg (Lightweight) Semifinal between Automne Pavia of France and Japan's Nae Udaka. Pavia executes a beautiful Ippon counter-throw against Udaka. For the readers who may not know what an Ippon is ... from Wiki:

Ippon (Japanese: 一本) literally "one full point", it is the highest score a fighter can achieve in a Japanese martial arts ippon-wazari contest, usually Kendo, Judo, Karate or Jujutsu.

For most of the match, the ladies were gripfighting, jockeying for position, and looking for openings. At ~1:19 minutes left to the match, Udaka (in the white gi) goes for a Leg Reap to which Pavia (in the blue gi) counters with a beautifully timed Harai Makikomi. On the 'net, there is debate as to the technical name of the counter-throw Pavia used. I have seen it described as a Harai Makikomi. I am using that name as I am not knowledgeable yet of the technical names of Judo throws.

Automne Pavia won this semifinal in the Women's Team competition which helped Team France advancing and winning the Gold. She would meet Nae Udaka again on the 27th in the Individual Women's Competition. Udaka beat Pavia in that match and goes on to take the Gold in the Women's 57kg (Lightweight) Division. Automne Pavia and Sanne Verhagen took the Bronze Medals.

Congratulations to Automne Pavia for the beautiful Ippon and the Bronze Medal. Also, congratulations to Nae Udaka for winning the Gold. Enjoy the GIFs of Pavia's Ippon counter of Udaka from the Team Competition!

Full Match 


3 Slomo's

Check out Pavia's slight smile just before she lands ... the satisfaction of the execution of perfect technique and timing. And of course, the knowledge that the Ippon won the match.

Automne Pavia walking off the adrenaline after the match ended with her Ippon.

For more information, please check out:

For other animated GIFs I've made from Judo in action, please check out:

NOTE: Sincerest appreciation to Marc R. & Leigh R. for the share!

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Happy 82nd Birthday "Judo" Gene LeBell!!

Today is the 82nd birthday of one of martial arts' living legends, "Judo" Gene LeBell!!

What can I say that you don't already know? Boxer, World Champion Judoka, Stuntman, film veteran of over 1,000 films, ...

Without further ado, posting some videos in "Judo" Gene LeBell's honor!


UFC's Gegard Mousasi Perfects Cross Face Technique
w/ "Judo" Gene LeBell

San Diego Comic Con 2012 - Rowdy Roddy Piper
discusses Judo Gene LeBell and MMA

Roots of Fight - Gene LeBell Documentary
featuring Ronda Rousey, BJ Penn, Big John McCarthy, Paul Lazenby, Dr Ann Maria Rousey DeMars

Joe Rogan Experience #423 - Gene LeBell 

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American Ninja 4 (1990) (Full movie)

Click for larger pic

Happy 60th Birthday Michael Dudikoff!!

In his honor, I am posting this movie along with these two:

Dig out from storage your Shurikens!

American Ninja 4 (1990)

The two American Ninjas, Joe Armstrong (Michael Dudikoff) and Sean Davidson (David Bradley), team up to do battle against a terrorist and his band of Ninjas.

For more information, please check:

NOTE: Sincerest appreciation to my friend Louis G. for the heads-up!

American Ninja 2: The Confrontation (1987) (Full movie)

Click for larger pic

Happy 60th Birthday Michael Dudikoff!!

In his honor, I am posting this movie along with these two:

Get out your black Ninja costumes!

American Ninja 2 (1987)

On a remote Caribbean island, Army Ranger Joe Armstrong (Dudikoff) investigates the disappearance of several marines, which leads him to The Lion, a super-criminal who has kidnapped a local scientist and mass-produced an army of mutant Ninja warriors.

For more information, please check:

NOTE: Props to my friend Louis G. for the heads-up!

Happy 60th Birthday Michael Dudikoff!! (American Ninja 1) (1985) (Full movie)

Click for larger pic

Happy 60th Birthday Michael Dudikoff!!

Can't believe how time flies. One of the 1980's action movies icons!

Posting the full movie American Ninja in his honor.

I am posting these two full movies as well:

Get your NINJA on!

American Ninja 1 (1985)

American soldier, obviously very skilled in martial arts, sing-handely takes on mercenaries in the Phillipines.


  • Domestic box office grosses for the picture totaled $10,499,694. SG's note: wonder if that number factors in video rentals?
  • Body count: 114
  • Chuck Norris was originally cast to play the title role.
  • Michael Dudikoff knew no martial arts before filming began.
  • Steve James said in an interview that Michael Dudikoff was anxious about working with him, since James knew martial arts and Dudikoff didn't and he didn't want to be shown up. James even requested his final fight scenes be filmed on the other side of the compound, far away from Dudikoff, to avoid any further problems. It wasn't until halfway through filming the sequel that the two of them set their differences aside.
  • In an interview with German media in 2012, Michael Dudikoff revealed he had contracted malaria during filming, and that he can be seen to be excessively sweating at the end of fight scenes as a result.
  • Director Sam Firstenberg admitted in an interview that audiences didn't like seeing a woman ninja in Ninja III: The Domination (1984). This is why Cannon Films sought to find a "James Dean"-like action star to be the ninja in this film. The studio wanted someone who looked like James Dean, didn't talk much and seemed to carry a chip on his shoulder. During this process Sam auditioned 2000 actors and narrowed it down to 200. Though Michael Dudikoff had no martial-arts training, he had the look Cannon was looking for and was cast in the lead.
  • Director Sam Firstenberg has stated in an interview that his two favorites of the films he's directed are this one and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo (1984). He said that this film "has a special quality of innocent, true friendship, love and youthful idealism."

For more information, please check:

NOTE: Props to my friend Louis G. for the nudge.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Green Hornet E5 The Frog is a Deadly Weapon (07 Oct 1966)

48 years ago on this date of Oct 7 in the year 1966, the fifth episode of the new TV series, The Green Hornet, aired. Posted this episode to mirror the airdate from 48 years ago.


Green Hornet E5 The Frog is a Deadly Weapon (07 Oct 1966)

A sleazy PI basking on a yacht is dragged under and drowned by frogmen. The PI had just visited Britt Reid, alleging that a dead gangster who framed Reid's father had faked his death and is now back in town, and offering to sell the publisher further information. Reid didn't believe him THEN, but now suspects a zillionaire confined to a yacht is involved. The coroner rules the drowning accidental, tying the DA's hands and forcing Reid to adopt his Green Hornet criminal persona to apply pressure. Reid also dispatches his secretary to rifle the PI's office for what he ...

Other episodes of The Green Hornet posted:

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THE WISDOM OF ... Carlos Gracie Sr. (September 14, 1902 – October 7, 1994)

Photo credit:

Carlos Gracie Sr. passed away 20 years ago on this date of Oct 7 in 1994. He was the co-creator of Gracie Jiu-jitsu along with his brother Helio Gracie (although there is some contention as to who really created Gracie Jiu-jitsu), as well the creator of The Gracie Diet.

This post will serve as a "In Memory of ..." as well as "The Wisdom of ..."

12 Commandments of Jiu-jitsu by Carlos Gracie Sr.

  1. Be so strong that nothing can disturb the peace of your mind.
  2. Talk to all people about happiness, health, and prosperity.
  3. Give to all your friends the feeling of being valued.
  4. Look at things by the enlightened point of view and update your optimism on reality.
  5. Think only about the best, work only for the best, and always expect the best.
  6. Be as just and enthusiastic about others victories as you are with yours.
  7. Forget about past mistakes and focus your energy on the victories of tomorrow.
  8. Always make those around you happy and keep a smile to all people who talk to you.
  9. Apply the largest amount of your time on self-improvement and no time in criticizing others.
  10. Be big enough so you can feel unsatisfied, be noble enough so you can feel anger, be strong enough so you can feel fear, and be happy enough so you can feel frustrations.
  11. Hold a good opinion about your self and communicate that to the world, but not through dissonant words but through good works.
  12. Believe strongly that the world is in your side, as long as you stay loyal to the best of yourself.

These 12 Commandments were not meant for just Sport but as a Way of Life.

Tribute Video

Please check The Wisdom Of ... for other greats' Wisdom they passed onto us.

For more information, please check:

Monday, October 06, 2014

Maija Soderholm's interview and upcoming book (“The Liar, the Cheat, and the Thief – Deception and the Art of Sword Play”)

Photo Credit:  Greg Manalo- Manalo Pictures

My friend Maija Soderholm will be self-publishing her book titled: “The Liar, the Cheat, and the Thief – Deception and the Art of Sword Play” later this year. I am so looking forward to it! In case you haven't heard of her, she studied under Maestro Sonny Umpad in his Visayan Corto Kadena Eskrima and is also certified to teach it. Additionally, she has studied Toyama Ryu Battodo, western style foil and sabre fencing.

She also had a great interview recently. Below is one of her replies that IMO is a key to understanding the brain, adrenaline and real world self-defense.

How did you overcome the adrenaline of combat when seriously training as an adult? How are you able to control yourself and stay composed without shaking or flinching; does this come with experience?

“There’s a brain model that says we all have 3 brains: The lizard, which is all, and only about survival – your fight, flight, freeze, adrenal response stuff, (freezing BTW is a throwback to predators in the wild tracking motion, and thus if you freeze, they may not see you). Then there’s the monkey brain that deals with status and social issues – ‘where do I belong in the pecking order?’ (ex: male  animals, including humans, going toe to toe to find out who’s the biggest and baddest) and then the human brain, which is basically all the cognitive stuff – abstract thought, planning, imagination, decisions based on rational observation.

Adrenaline is mostly linked to the survival brain, the lizard, and kicks into high gear when it perceives threat, especially when something unexpected happens, or something you can’t control.

Therefore the more experience you have in chaotic environments where threat is present, the more you can access your human, cognitive brain – to scheme and use your tactical thinking to prevail.

Interestingly enough, fighter pilots only get ‘Ace’ status’ after 5 ‘kills’. The first 3 or 4 are deemed luck and reaction (linked to training, but not yet ‘on purpose’).

With that in mind, an Ace has connected Human to Lizard, and though Sonny didn’t put it this way, another teacher of mine (Rory Miller) does – If you can connect your lizard to your human – you have a super power.—It should be noted that the monkey brain plays no part. If you stick your ego and need for status into the equation the power evaporates…”

Please keep an eye out for Maija Soderholm's her upcoming book, "The Liar, the Cheat, and the Thief – Deception and the Art of Sword Play."

For more information, please check out:


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