Monday, May 19, 2014

GIFs of Georges St. Pierre Vs Matt Hughes III (UFC 79)

Today is a special day :) ... I posted separately...

Making some GIFs of him in action as tribute. GSP won the Interim Welterweight Championship and the Submission of the Night on Dec 29, 2007 versus Matt Hughes at UFC 79.

Enjoy this set of 10 GIFs!


Superman punch to close the gap to clinch and jockeying for position and gets the Kneepick (aka Knee Tap)

This 2nd GIF is extracted from the above GIF to isolate for just the clinch and kneepick. Notice GSP's attention is on Matt Hughes legs and impeccable timing on the kneepick.

This GIF is a shorter version of the above GIF highlighting the clinch to kneepick.

GSP thinks,  "How am I going to break Matt Hughes' body-lock? I know what might work!" (it didn't)

Round 2

Another GSP Kneepick with Underhook


Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you UFC 79's Submission of the Night!

Celebratory breakdance (FAIL! LOL) to a Kip Up

SloMo Highlights

SloMo during the Post-Fight In-Ring Interview

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