Thursday, August 13, 2009


Been jammed with Real Life... trying to catch up on some emails. This was sent to me 7/6/09 by my friend Kilogulf59, whose Integrated Close Combat Forum I posted about 3/30/09 here:

He wrote:

I'd like to invite all of you to stop in at a new forum. The place is called WWW.POCKETFIREPOWER.COM - Discussion dedicated to pocket defense handguns, knives and tactics...

The gentleman who is the admin goes by the moniker "LUVMYSIGP225" and is a good guy and friend of our own 7677, who is a moderator there as well.

The flavor of the forum is somewhat different than ICCF nonetheless the philosophy is the same. In other words, good info, good advice, good people. What more can we ask for?

Do yourself a favor, go there today and tell them "Ken sent ya"...(they may let you stay anyway LOL)

Take Care and Stay Safe,

"REMEMBER ?What works for you may not, necessarily, work for me. Keep an open mind!"

Integrated Close Combat Forum -
Scribd ?KG59/ICCF -
YouTube ?KG59/ICCF -

Check out when you have a chance. I will register there when I have a little more free time and check it out for myself. I also intend to surf back over to ICCF and a few forums I've been meaning to check in (as well as catching up on emails LOL).

Oh, while you are at it, check out Kilogulf's links in his email signature! Enjoy!

BIRTHDAY: Belated Happy Birthday Joe Rogan (42)


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2 days ago, August 11, it was Joe Rogan's birthday. I was jammed with real life and wasn't able to post about it. Happy Belated 42nd Birthday Joe Rogan!! Many more to come!!

On top of everything else going for him, he's a brown belt in BJJ and a color commentator for UFC!

Wiki entry

Joe Rogan's Official site

Bruce Lee lesson for Taky Kimura auction closed already

July 28th, I posted about Bruce Lee's private lesson plan to Taky Kimura here:

I forgot to note when the auction officially closes... checked in tonight and it looks like it closed. It seems the auction started with $500 as the opening bid. There were 25 bids and the winning bid was $7259!

Some gems of in that lesson plan:

1) "Lee lists six important keys to “Combat,” which are “Timing,” “Distance,” “Speed & Rhythm,” “Initiative,” “Aggressiveness,” and “Choice of Attack.” Lee also lists three stages of combat “Attack,” “Counter-Attack,” and “Active Defense,” with other sub-categories underneath."

2) "I've just rushed the T'ai Kik wall chart form to you."

My comment: "T'ai Kik" is Cantonese for "Tai Chi/Taiji"... BL's dad knew Tai Chi too.

3) "...James Lee is going to send you a Lap Sao apparatus with built in resistance."

My comment: Not making a statement about trapping, but pointing out the specifity principle... and using certain apparatuses to train specific techniques.

4) "Of course, you must use the set system, that is REPETITION of each technique in sets for perfection."

My comment: 10,000 reps/hours rule

5) "Remember the idea that one has to come in thousands of time in order to perfect one Judo throw."

My comment: Again 10,000 reps/hours rule

I'm going to post about the "Principle (or Law) of Specifity" and the "10,000 Hours Rule" in future posts.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

One year ago, 08-08-2008 Olympics held in Beijing, China

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WOW! Just a year ago, the 2008 Olympics in Beijing started. What an extravagant and memorable Opening Ceremony! So many memories, so many athletes breaking records and setting the bar higher and higher.

What was your favorite moment from the Opening Ceremony? Your favorite moment from the Games?

Wiki entry
Official site

MMA: UFC 101 Fight Card

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UFC 101 Declaration takes place on August 8, 2009 @ the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Main Event: UFC Lightweight Championship
155#: Kenny Florian (13-3) vs. Champion BJ Penn (13-5-1)

Main Card
205#: Anderson Silva (24-4) vs. Forrest Griffin (16-5)
170#: Johny Hendricks (5-0) vs. Amir Sadollah(2-0)
185#: Ricardo Almeida (10-3) vs. Kendall Grove (12-5)
155#: Josh Neer (25-7-1) vs. Kurt Pellegrino (19-1)
155#: Shane Nelson (13-3) vs. Aaron Riley (27-11-1)

Preliminary Bouts
170#: Tamdan McCrory (12-2) vs. John Howard (11-4)
185#: Alessio Sakara (17-7) vs. Thales Leites (14-2)
170#: Dan Cramer (1-0) vs. Matthew Riddle (2-0)
155#: George Roop (9-5) vs. George Sotiropoulos (9-2)
170#: Jesse Lennox (14-1) vs. Danillo Villefort (9-2)

I do not know many of the fighters only the 2 big "name" bouts. BJ Penn, hard to not pick him when he's back in his weight of 155 instead of moving up to challenge GSP. Not sure if what I heard is true, both Florian and Penn are excellent grapplers, but they have a gentleman's agreement to keep it standup? If so, with Penn's excellent jabbing as witness his fight vs Joe Stephenson, I think Penn wins.

Hard to not pick Anderson Silva to win, until he loses, I'm going with Silva. I like Griffin and my friend Ausgepicht thinks if anyone has a chance to beat Silva it's Griffin.

What are your picks?

Cannot wait for later tonight for the fights!


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