6 Reasons to Subscribe via Email

  1. It’s totally free.
  2. I will not share your info with anyone. If you want to, use a "throwaway email account" and test drive the Email Subscription option.
  3. You never have to check my site for updates again, you only have to check your Inbox and you probably do that regularly anyway. Although for older content (I have plenty of older content), you would need to visit my site.
  4. You get the latest posts first.
  5. Using e-mail or RSS saves you wasted visits. More results in less time.
  6. Subscribing is worth testing for a few days just to experience it. Should you ever decide you prefer visiting? Simple. Just unsubscribe with one click and you are back to surfing to my site to check out new entries.

Subscribing via Email

Subscribing via RSS

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary which is often dubbed Really Simple Syndication. It is used to publish frequently updated sites — such as blog entries, news headlines, etc. It allows readers to aggregrate "feeds" from many sites into one place. Instead of the reader going to Site A to check out new content and then surf on over to Site B to check the new posts and then visit Site C for its new entries, subscribing to RSS feeds will allow the reader to check out new posts from one place. Simply, it's an easy method for you to keep track of important information to you.

What Do I Need to Read RSS Feeds?

You need a RSS reader which is a a small software program that collects and displays RSS feeds. It allows you to scan headlines from a number of news sources in a central location.

What RSS Readers are available?

A variety of RSS Readers are available for different platforms. Some popular feed readers include Amphetadesk (Windows, Linux, Mac), FeedReader (Windows), and NewsGator (Windows - integrates with Outlook). There are also a number of web-based feed readers available. My Yahoo, Bloglines, and Google Reader are popular web-based feed readers.

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