Thursday, November 26, 2020

Happy ThanksGIFing/Thanksgiving! (2018-2020 edition)

Welcome to my Happy "ThanksGIFing" 2018-2020 post! Previous posts can be found here:

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers who celebrate! In my sojourn through this thing we call Life, I always express gratitude daily. Helps me to keep things in perspective.

I give thanks to you readers for your continued support in spreading word about my blog and sharing posts!  

I thank you for joining me in my Sojourn of Septillion Steps... THANK YOU!!

Let us get this started. Here are the most popular GIF Sets of 2018-2020 (well the day after Thanksgiving 2018 through Thanksgiving 2020) ... ENJOY!!

2018-2020 Most Popular GIF Sets in Descending Order

Kicking off the Top 10 most popular GIF sets countdown ...


The 8th most popular GIF set is of Jackie Chan using a scarf to defend himself against a knife:

#7 of this countdown list:

RIP John Saxon

This is the 6th most popular GIF set:

We arrive at the halfway point of the countdown:

The GIF set of a scene of Alec Baldwin and Fred Ward in the movie Miami Blues came in at #4:

Here is the 3rd most popular set of this list:

Coming in as the 2nd most popular GIF set from this period:

And the most popular GIF set from 2018-2020 is:

Hope you all enjoyed this recap of the GIFs I've made from 2018 Thanksgiving through 2020 Thanksgiving. Happy ThanksGIFing! Looking to make more GIFs for 2021!

I remain very truly yours in GIF-making :)




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