Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy ThanksGIFing/Thanksgiving! (2014 edition)

Last year I picked my 8 favorite GIFs that I've made and posted them here:

What does GIFs have to do with Turkey? ThanksGIFing was a pun of ThanksGIVing ... I know, I know, I'm so punny! LOL @ me!!

Following up this year, I'm going to post the 5 Most Popular GIF Sets as well as picking 5 of My Favorites. It will not be easy. However, I wanted to share first the following quote from Henry Van Dyke:

“Gratitude is the inward feeling of kindness received.  Thankfulness is the natural impulse to express that feeling.  Thanksgiving is the following of that impulse.”

Happy Thanksgiving to my readers who celebrate! I give thanks to many many things, however, suffice it to say, I give thanks to you readers for helping me do what I do!  

I thank you for joining me in my Sojourn of Septillion Steps... THANK YOU!!

Without further ado, here are the most popular GIF Sets of 2014 (well the period of Thanksgiving 2013 through yesterday) ... ENJOY!!

5 Most Popular GIF Sets

5. Counting down the 5 Most Popular GIF sets of 2014 is the nasty leg break in Chris Weidman X Anderson Silva II - UFC 168. The GIF below is the first leg check, it was the 2nd leg check that broke Silva's leg:

7 more Round 1 GIF highlights can be seen here including, WARNING!!!, Anderson Silva's nasty leg break:

4. Round 1 GIF highlights of the Jon Jones X Glover Teixeira - UFC 172 fight ranks as the 4th most popular GIF set I've made in 2014:

4 more Round 1 highlights can be seen here:

3. One of the most painful MMA fights to watch was Jon Jones X Glover Teixeira - UFC 172. Jones clinched Teixeira and executed 5 shoulder cranks in 5 rounds captured in 4 GIFs (if I missed any, please let me know):


3 more GIFs here:

2. There is a beauty in watching a good throw executed. Ronda Rousey is an Olympic Bronze Medal Judoka. This was the most viral GIF set I made prior to the Phil Simms knifethrowing set above from a video of a training session she posted to her Facebook:


Enjoy 10 more GIFs here:

1. This Phil Simms knifethrowing set was the most popular, out of all my GIF posts of 2014 to date, this went viral the fastest:

Did Phil Simms really throw those knives on the TV show Elementary? Find out the answer as well as checking 7 more GIFs here:

My 5 Favorite GIFs

5. Coming in as my 5th favorite GIF I've made in 2014 is the martial arts legend, Dan Inosanto. He gave a demo at the Smithsonian Institute. It blows my mind how everyday objects can be used in Self-Defense. Here Manong Inosanto uses a "Malong" (similar to a sarong which is worn around the waist, the malong is slung over a shoulder) for a choke:

Check out 3 more GIFs of the Malong and Stickgrappling performed by Manong Inosanto and Guro Joel Clark:

4. In recognition of Dan Henderson's birthday, I made some GIFs of his knockouts. The Knockout is a thing of beauty, just like a well-executed Throw. Check out this KO from Dan's classic fight against Wanderlei Silva from their Pre-UFC PRIDE days:

Lights out!

Enjoy 3 more KO GIFs here:

3. One aspect of the Martial Arts is Respect. This next GIF displays the Respect between 2 world-class grapplers. After ~14 mins grueling submission-only match, Josh Barnett submitted Dean Lister:


For 9 more GIFs of the highlights of the match including some nasty Catchwrestling moves, please check out:

2. My second favorite GIF is of the BJJ great Rickson Gracie and his diaphragmin action from his Yoga/Ginastica Natural training. He demos it in the Ed Norton Incredible Hulk movie:

Please check out the following for the full GIF Set:

1. Gina Carano, MMA fighter and actress was in the movie, Haywire. She can kick your butt, submit you, or disarm you with her beauty and smile. This is my favorite GIF of 2014 that I've made:

When asked a question, Gina's reply of "No."

Please check out the following link for the full first GIF Set of Gina in her movie, Haywire:

Hope you enjoyed the 5 Most Popular GIF Sets of 2014 on this site as well as My 5 Favorite GIFs of 2014!

I remain very truly yours in GIF-making! Looking forward to next years Thanksgifing post :)

Happy Thanksgifing/Thanksgiving!!



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