Wednesday, November 05, 2014

GIF of Vicious Elbow KO from Muay Thai fight

Of the combat sports, one of the most brutal is undoubtedly Muay Thai. It's known as the Art of Eight Limbs:  2 Legs, 2 Knees, 2 Fists AND 2 Elbows. One of the favored positions for Muay Thai fighters is the Clinch where Takedowns, Knees and Elbows can be effected.

I saw a video on Facebook and forgot which page/group/friend it was from. I don't know the fighters. I took the liberty of making 6 GIFs from the video which featured a vicious Elbow Knockout from the Clinch.

If you know the fighters/fight, please let me know. It is deeply appreciated!

WARNING! Not for the faint of heart!


1 all-in-one GIF of realtime, slomo, and slomo side view

The above GIF split into 3 separate:
1 realtime, 1 slomo, 1 slomo side view

Made an extra 2 super slomo GIF's

Was that a vicious Elbow KO or what?



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