Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Happy 53rd Birthday Karen Shepherd!! (PR-24 Baton GIF Set)

Happy 53rd Birthday Karen Shepherd!!

In her honor, I've made an animated GIF set from one of the movies she was in, Mission of Justice. Shepherd was the first woman to hold the title of #1 Women's Black Belt Forms Champion and was instrumental in pioneering recognition for female martial arts forms competitors.

Today, I present to you another entry in my Project of making animated GIFs from TV/Movies of the Baton, in this case, the PR-24 Baton. Karen Shepherd was in a movie called Mission of Justice and early on in the movie, she uses the Baton.

Happy Birthday Karen Shepherd!!  Enjoy this GIF Set!

For other GIFs I made featuring the Baton, please check out:



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