Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy 31st Birthday Iko Uwais! (The Raid: Redemption Animated GIF Set 1)

Happy 31st Birthday Iko Uwais!!

In celebration, I made 3 sets of animated GIFs from his 2nd movie, The Raid:  Redemption. Here is the first set which features Iko Uwais using a PR-24 baton and knife vs bad guys!


Here are the next 2 GIF Sets in this series:

For other GIFs I made featuring the Baton (Telescopic), please check out:

For further info on Iko Uwais:

NOTE:  Posted Feb 14, 2014 as-of Feb 12, 2014. Home sick and didn't have a chance to make the GIFs in time for Iko Uwais' birthday :(  Deepest appreciation to my friend Rosemary D. for the reminder!



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