Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How do I contact you?
A:  You can email me at stickgrappler@NOSPAMstickgrappler.net (please take out the NOSPAM) or use the super-easy

Q:  What is your real name?
A:  You can call me "Stickgrappler", "Stick", "SG", or even "StickG". I don't believe in giving any personal information out over the Internet if I can help it. For more of my thoughts on this issue, please read this article I wrote:

Q:  What is your martial arts background?
A:  Although I have a lifelong interest in and passionate about the martial arts and self-defense, I have not devoted the time to have a basic proficiency in my opinion. My father taught me the Yang Tai Chi long form when I was around 10 years old. He also showed me a little Hung Ga. He and my fifth uncle showed me a little Wing Chun Kuen also. This may sound silly to some if not most, but I regret not sticking (pun intended! - Tai Chi practitioners will get this LOL) with the Tai Chi. As a kid, it was slow and boring. Little did I know. 

I train informally currently with 2 training partners during the summers. The rest of the year, I train solo on and off at home following along some dvd's or material I've learned formally. I'm mainly into the Filpino Martial arts and love stickwork. Dabble a little in knifework. Love to use the staff. Love the various styles of martial arts as it's all Yin/Yang to me. All the various styles/systems have something to offer. 

Mostly I've devoted time in raising/teaching my 3 children. It is very satisfying that my children are excelling in academics. My oldest daughter is in one of the top High Schools in NYC. My second daughter is in the NYC Gifted and Talented Program in Middle School. My son, in 4th grade, is already doing basic algebra and reading about 2 grades above. The fruition of my labors is paying off

Although I have a little regret in not being more disciplined in training in The Way, I am getting back into training.

Q:  What formal training have you had?
A:  My formal training is as follows:

  • 1999 March 13-14 - NYC - Dan Inosanto (Jun Fan Gung Fu, Inosanto/Lacosta Kali, Maphilindo Silat)
  • 1999 October 30-31 - NYC - Dr. Maung Gyi (Double Dha, Letha Yoga)
  • 1999 November - NJ - Phil Dunlap (Kachin Bando, Naban)
  • 2000 March - NJ - Phil Dunlap (Kachin Bando, Naban)
  • 2000 June 17-18 - NYC - Dr. Maung Gyi (Combat Knife, Fist Stick)
  • 2000 July - NYC - Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny (Dog Brothers Martial Arts - Sinawali, Staff)
  • 2000 November - NJ - Phil Dunlap (Kachin Bando, Naban)
  • 2001 March - NYC - Dr. Maung Gyi (Bare Knuckle, Letha Yoga)
  • 2001 May - NYC - Dr. Maung Gyi
  • 2002 March 3 - CT - Dr. Maung Gyi (Bando 6' Staff Methods, Dhanda Yoga)
  • 2002 (?) - NYC - Mfundishi Maasi (Bando Monk)
  • 2005 October - NYC - Amnat Pooksrisuk (Ancient Thai Bareknuckle)
  • 2010 June 19-20 - NYC - Marc "Crafty Dog" Denny  (Dog Brothers Martial Arts - Dos Triques, Kali Tudo, Die Less Often)
  • 2012 June 15 - NYC - Dr. Maung Gyi (Min Zin)
  • 2013 Nov 2 - CT - Dr. Maung Gyi (Single Dha/Kukri)

I have never had the time nor funds to sign up for formal lessons at an academy/school. My philosophy though is just to get proficient enough in the various areas/styles I'm interested in. I don't need a "black belt" in anything. Just need to be good enough to survive on the Streets. I train with that goal in mind.

Q:  If I wanted to make a donation towards your site and support your efforts, how do I do that?  
A:  The sentiment and generosity is deeply appreciated, however, I do not accept donations towards my site or efforts. If you truly want to help me out, please consider supporting one (if not more) of the many instructors' material/articles/information I've archived to my site that you found helpful. Most of them will either have products for sale and/or teach regular/private classes or seminars. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. Whenever possible, my modus operandi has been to provide the instructor's website or contact info with the archived material/articles/information or via my Links page. If for some reason contact information is missing, please get in touch with me.

Q:  You are not getting any financial compensation for your work. Why do you do what you do?  
A:  I can probably be described as an amateur martial arts historian (fancy wording for "martial arts geek"). I came across some useful information - sometimes practical/technical and other times historical/background. In the spirit of the people whose writings I've archived, they provided freely of their time, experience and knowledge and graciously shared. All I did was centralized the information and made a database so to speak. I cannot and will not accept any monetary compensation for others' work. Ultimately I use my site as my notebook in that it has the notes I want to refer to and it has links to forums and sites I frequent. So in the end maybe I'm not as altruistic as I seem.

Q:  If I like one of your posts, how can I share them?
A:  I've made it easy to share the posts with the Share Buttons located at the end of the post, right above the "You may also like:" section. Here is a picture of what the buttons look like.

The Share button are as follows (from left to right):

  1. Email ("M" icon)
  2. Blog This (for readers with blogs hosted by Blogspot/Blogger) ("B" icon)
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  5. Google+ ("g+1" icon)

Simply click one of them and away you go. My sincerest gratitude in advance should you deem one of my entries "share-worthy".

Q:  I posted a Comment but I don't see it. I reposted it just in case and still don't see it. Why is that?
A:  Comments are Moderated. What that means is that I need to approve your Comment before it publishes. This is necessary as Spammers spam my Comments. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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