Wednesday, May 05, 2010

LINKS: General Amnat Pooksrisuk Thai Martial Arts

Awesome! General Pooksriruk has his site up and running. I was able to attend one of his Thai Bareknuckle Boxing seminars a few years ago. It was a blast. He was one of the instructors to Tony Jaa. Always interested in checking out Bareknuckle Boxing in its various forms as I feel it's closer to my needs of self-defense. There are some distinctions between Western Boxing as it's a sport with gloves and Muay Thai as well. Bareknuckle Boxing techniques takes into account the lack of gloves to protect your hands. Therefore techniques as well as targets will differ. This is a fascinating area of study for me.

If you are interested in the Thai Arts, please check out General Pooksriruk.

Battle Scarf - Functional Item and Improvised Weapon

I was catching up with reading the forums and sites, and while at Pete Kautz's site, Alliance Martial Arts, I found out about the Battle Scarf. It seems like it is a great everyday functional item which can definitely be used as an Improvised Weapon for self-defense. Too bad Spring is upon me as Winter just passed, but I will be ordering one soon to check out. For anyone who doubts the power of Flexible Weapons, the Youtube clip above should help change your thinking. The power of Flexible Weapons with the breaking of cinder blocks with just a Poland Springs bottled water is awesome!

Pete Kautz has written a great review on the Battle Scarf. Read it here:

For another review, please check this link:

If you are interested, please check out:

In full disclosure, I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form to Battle Scarf, Pete Kautz/Alliance Martial Arts or Tactical Edge Combatives.

If you get a Battle Scarf, please let me know your thoughts and experiences with it.

EBOOKS: Safety Response: The Essential Guide to your Personal Safety by Aran Dharmeratnam

This informative manual addresses subjects such as awareness and aggression disengagement. It covers avoidance, the different forms of hostility including less discussed forms such as spatial aggression and distance based aggression. It also looks at some of the physical tactics that predatory aggressors use such as the various grabs, use of projectiles, intimidation and set ups. Plus there are numerous insights into concepts that people can use to avoid trouble such as: tactical dialogue, reading the aggression triggers and reserved tactics. These insights are very useful for both men and women interested in self defence and awareness training.

I bought this ebook about a half year ago. I was interested in Aran's book as he has a Law and Criminology degree. Wanted to check out his perspectives given is formal education on self-defense. Recently, I started reading it and am half-done. I like what I've read so far. Full review shortly. Please check out if you are interested:

LINKS: Hertao Self-Defense and MMA Blog

A friend of mine was teaching in Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. For those that don't know about Katrina, in the history of the United States, it was one of the five deadliest hurricanes to hit America as well as being the costliest with respect to damages incurred.

I didn't know that Katrina wiped out his business. Living through the rampant crime must have been very difficult. He emailed me recently to let me know of his new site as well as his new ebook. He gave me a copy of the ebook for review. I will be reading soon. The review is forthcoming after I get through the backlog of books on my to-read list as well as writing the reviews.

I will be catching up with him via emails as well as reading the articles on his site and blog posts

If you want to check out his ebook:

Can you imagine living in an environment that was a natural disaster and having to deal with crime and safety daily? This is what he went through after Hurricane Katrina. Perhaps he will share some of his experiences and insights.


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