Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Battle Scarf - Functional Item and Improvised Weapon

I was catching up with reading the forums and sites, and while at Pete Kautz's site, Alliance Martial Arts, I found out about the Battle Scarf. It seems like it is a great everyday functional item which can definitely be used as an Improvised Weapon for self-defense. Too bad Spring is upon me as Winter just passed, but I will be ordering one soon to check out. For anyone who doubts the power of Flexible Weapons, the Youtube clip above should help change your thinking. The power of Flexible Weapons with the breaking of cinder blocks with just a Poland Springs bottled water is awesome!

Pete Kautz has written a great review on the Battle Scarf. Read it here:

For another review, please check this link:

If you are interested, please check out:

In full disclosure, I am not affiliated in any way, shape or form to Battle Scarf, Pete Kautz/Alliance Martial Arts or Tactical Edge Combatives.

If you get a Battle Scarf, please let me know your thoughts and experiences with it.



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