Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto!! and it's not the Game of Death!! (Green Hornet S01E10 GIF Set)

Earlier today, I posted the following posts in celebration of what would've been Bruce Lee's 74th birthday:

Following up those 2 posts, I made a set of animated GIFs of the fight scenes from the Green Hornet episode, The Preying Mantis. I posted the full episode here:

In the episode, Bruce Lee as Kato faces Lo Sing, portrayed by Mako, however, during the actual fight scene, Bruce Lee's student and friend, Dan Inosanto, doubled for Mako. That's right, 12 years prior to the theatrical release of Lee's Game of Death where Inosanto faces Lee, there was this fight scene back in 1966.

Enjoy the GIFs!

GIFs representing the fight scenes

Even shopowners know some gung fu!

Surprise attack!

Lo Sing discussing Mantis Fist Theory with the boys

Knock, knock! Who's there? Hi-ya!!

The Showdown! Kato vs Lo Sing

Select shorter GIFs

Weapons in full

Weapons split up

Weapons split up

Ging Lai!

Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto - full

Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto - split up

Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto - split up

Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto - split up

17 GIFs in all... if the page loads too slowly, please leave a comment, I will split the GIFs into 2 GIF Sets for faster page loads.

Did you like the Bruce Lee vs Dan Inosanto GIFs?



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