Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Bruce Wayne training the 1-1-2/Jab-Jab-Cross with Alfred (Gotham Animated GIF Set)

Gotham is a new Fox TV series about a younger James Gordon before he became Commissioner as well as a young Bruce Wayne, after the murder of his parents right in front of his eyes. My son and I have been watching it and so far we love it.

Season 1 Episode 9 featured some boxing Bruce Wayne is learning under his butler/major domo Alfred Pennyworth. I made a set of animated GIFs of the training more for inspiration for my son. I thought I would share it with you all. Bruce and Alfred and training the 1-1-2 (Jab, Jab, Cross).


The first scene All-in-One GIF (including Selina "Cat" Kyle)

Split up GIFs excluding "Cat"

Never let your guard down!

Ouchy! That hurt!

The Second scene All-in-One GIF

Split up into separate GIFs

Hope you enjoyed this animated GIF set from Gotham! Perhaps use it to inspire your children like I will with my son.



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