Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Happy 71st Birthday Dwight McLemore!!!

Source photo:  Dwight McLemore's Facebook

Happy 71st Birthday Dwight McLemore!!! 

At 71 years young, his posts on his Facebook are inspirational! He is still going strong with weapons-work, kettlebells, etc!! Not only does he work with Bowies, tomahawks, and his sword, "Suigetsu", but also with Bagua Deer Knives!

Mac not only wrote his books, but he also drew the pictures illustrating the action/techniques/concepts. I bought his Bowie and Big Knife Fighting book first but at the time I wasn't deeply into blades. Later he came out with The Fighting Staff and The Fighting Sword. I treasure those 2 books. A wealth of information is an understatement! Then he published The Fighting Kukri which I also treasure. After that book, I went and bought the Bowie Knife sequel as well as The Fighting Tomahawk and its sequel.

His books cover fighting concepts, the history of the weapon, training methods, scenarios and more. But what catches the reader's eye is artwork/linework. His attention to detail in his illustrations is evident as he is trying to express motion in his linework to bring out the teachings. Awesomeness! Not only a consummate Martial Artist, but an artist, a historian, a researcher, and a teacher!

I have all his books published by Paladin Press as well as his DVD, The Fighting Tomahawk, also from Paladin. If you are into weapons-work, I highly reco all his books and DVD for Martial Artists of any level.

I'm going to be ordering his newest book, The Fighting Gladiator:

Source photo:  Dwight McLemore's Facebook
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A little bio of the Birthday Boy copied from the Paladin site!

Dwight C. McLemore is a retired combat arms officer with the U.S. Army and is an accomplished bladesman and instructor. He is renowned for his vast knowledge of Bowie and big-knife fighting and has more than 18 years of experience in self-defense and martial arts. The founder of the School of Two Swords, McLemore is rated expert level with the American Knife Congress, is certified in kung fu, and holds 1st dan in kendo. 

Posting some videos I found on YouTube in his honor!

Happy Birthday Mac!!! Many many more to come!

ISMAC 10th Anniversary DVD
Clip from Dwight McLemore's Bowie Knife class

How to Use the Hanging Log for Tomahawk Training
(from The Fighting Tomahawk DVD)

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