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Catchwrestler Josh Barnett submits BJJ Black Belt Dean Lister at Metamoris 4 (GIF Highlights)

Metamoris is a promotion founded by Ralek Gracie, son of Rorion Gracie and nephew of Rickson, Royce, and Royler Gracie. Metamoris features bouts between the World's Best Grapplers.

The rules are simple:

  • 20 minutes only
  • Submission only
  • If no submission, match declared a Draw

Josh Barnett dedicated his match to Antonio Inoki. He wore black speedos, black wrestling shoes, white socks with the Japanese flag. His towel had a poem written by Inoki. EDIT 8/20/14 - Thank you to Jay Grooms for reminding me that Josh Barnett also dedicated this match to Karl Gotch and Billy Robinson. Thought I had included them, but I now see I didn't. Focused on what Josh wore and his dedication to Inoki for it. END EDIT

Josh, representing Catchwrestling (aka Catch-as-Catch-Can Wrestling) faced Dean Lister, a multiple winner of ADCC, BJJ Black Belt and undefeated in submission grappling in 16 or 17 years!! Dean had no easy opponent in Josh, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. The match featured different grappling philosophies facing off - Catchwrestling vs BJJ. What was awesome was the Respect shown after the match!

I made 10 animated GIF highlights from the bout.  Enjoy!

An armlock attempt

Catchwrestling has a nastiness about it. I mean it in a good way. Check out the armlock attempt WHILE also getting a Head Scissors!

Remember the nastiness I mentioned? Check out this Knee on Face!

Ah, to be the referee Chris Haueter! Wonder what the Boogeyman and the Warmaster were yapping about?

It seemed like Josh was incredulous that Dean gave him a leg easily to leglock! At one point, it looks like Josh LOL's! He looked like he was going to go for a leglock but changed his mind. Bet you Dean said, "Come on Josh, I dare you! Go for the Heelhook!" and Josh replies, "Are you serious?" LOL

Here we go: the Submission!

Nice tat!



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NOTE: Posted 8/15/14 and backdated to 8/9/14 to the date of Metamoris 4.



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