Friday, August 08, 2014

K.S. Akali - The Art of Gatka-Fighting (Hard copy & Free PDF)

Two days ago on Wednesday, Aug 6, I posted this following News item:

I was thinking that many people may not have heard of the martial art known as "Gatka". Today I will remedy this with the following book/ebook from my friend Kirk Lawson:

In 1936 K.S. Akali, the Physical Director of his college, published a book on the then little known Martial Art from India known as Gatka.

Boasting 19 photographs and illustrations, K.S. Akali's book offers over 60 pages of instruction on footwork, handling, and use of "the Gatka." This instruction, considered training for the sword, offers a unique perspective into not only the Martial Arts of India, but also the efforts to include "scientific" physical education of the time. The emphasis of K.S. Akali's book is on the sporting aspect of the Art which is similar to Japanese Kendo or English Singlestick. He ends his book with rules for the competition with specific instructions for both the competitors and the judges.

Faithfully reproduced by Kirk Lawson, this book is an invaluable resource that both historic researchers and modern Martial Artists alike will find beneficial.

2 Republished Versions of the book from my friend Kirk:




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