Friday, August 15, 2014

THIS DATE IN HISTORY: 26 years ago today! Remo Williams: The Prophecy aired on TV

26 years ago today! Remo Williams: The Prophecy, a TV Pilot aired in 1988. The character of Remo Williams, as well as his mentor, Chiun, Master of Sinanju, holds a special place in my heart. Too bad this pilot never took off. Adventure/Pulp series of novels, sparked my imagination with the fantastic art of Sinanju - as Master Chiun calls it, "The sun source of the martial arts!"

Starred Jeffrey Meek as Remo and Roddy McDowall (!?) as Chiun. The television pilot had not been seen since 1988 until the Encore cable television channel began airing it in the summer of 2009. 3 years later, Meek goes on to star in a late night CBS series called The Exile. 4 years later, Meek starred in the CBS series, Raven, with costar Lee Majors (Six Million Dollar Man; The Fall Guy).


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