Saturday, August 09, 2014

Happy 49th Birthday John Smith!! (7 of his wrestling matches posted)

Happy 49th Birthday John Smith!!

John Smith is a legendary wrestler! The 4th most dominant wrestler of his time, currently he is the Head Coach of Oklahoma State University.

List of his wrestling accomplishments to date:

  • 5X NCAA Division 1 Team Champion
  • 2X Olympic Gold Medalist
  • 6X World Champion

He is known for his favorite technique, the low single leg takedown. He is so dominant with this move despite his opponents knowing it, they still cannot defend against it!

In addition to this entry, I've posted the following today:

Posting 7 of Smith's matches from his legendary career in honor of today!


John Smith's first NCAA Title

Smith v. Alexeev
1987 USA/CCCP Dual Portland, OR

John Smith vs Sarkissian
1988 Olympic Finals

John Smith (USA) X Gary Bohay (CAN)
1989 Senior World Championships 62 kg Gold Medal Match

John Smith vs. Miazbek Antuev
1990 World Cup

John Smith v. Tom Brands
1991 US Open

1992 Olympic Finals

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