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Giron Arnis Escrima System (Interview Parts 10-29)

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Bahala Na (“Come What May”) was created by Grandmaster Emeritus Leo Giron, one of the original “bladed warriors” and a true World War II Hero.

Giron Arnis Escrima system is composed of 20 styles and techniques:

  1. Estilo De FondoFighting in an anchored or planted position style
  2. Estilo AbanicoFanning style
  3. Estilo De salonDancing or Hit and run style
  4. Estilo AbiertaOpen body style
  5. Estilo SonketeStabbing or poking style
  6. Estilo RetiradaRetreating style
  7. Estilo ElasticoStretching/Rubber band style
  8. Fondo FuertaPlanted in solid position style
  9. Contra CompasOff beat timing style
  10. Estilo RedondaCircular motion style
  11. Combate AdentroInside fighting style
  12. Tero GraveKilling strikes style
  13. Estilo MacabebeDouble stick style
  14. Tero PisadaHeavy striking style
  15. Media MediaHalf-half style
  16. Cadena de manoEmpty or chain of hands style
  17. EscapoHand escaping or parrying style
  18. Estilo BolanteVertical striking style
  19. Miscla ContrasMultiple opponents style
  20. Larga ManoLong hand reaching style/Long weapon or killer style

Just now, I posted:

Continuing with the Interview with the posting of Parts x-x which demonstrate the various styles/techiniques which make up Giron Arnis Escrima. Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan GME Giron!

10 De Fondo Style

11 Estilo de Abanico

12 Estilo Abierta

13 Estilo Sonkete

14 Estilo de Salon

15 Estilo Retirada

16 Estilo Elastico

17 Fondo Fuerte

18 Contra Compas

19 Estilo Redonda

20 Combate Adentro

21 Tiro Grave

22 Estilo Macabebe

23 Tero Pisada

24 Media Media

25 Cadena de Mano

26 Escapo

27 Estilo Bolante

28 Miscla Contras

29 Larga Mano

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