Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Leo Giron would've been 102 years old today!

Today GM Leo Giron, one of the Big Three of Stockton, CA's Eskrima scene, would've turned 102!

Maligayang bati sa iyong kaarawan GM Giron!

Grandmaster Leo Giron's Original Style

A look at Grandmaster Leo Giron's original style of escrima. The authentic "Bahala Na" style of escrima is still passed on today by the instructors of Bahala Na Multi-Style. Trained directly by Grandmaster Giron, Bahala Na Multi-Style instructors continue to pass on GM Giron's legacy to the next generation.

GM Leo Giron - Style w/out a Style

A clip GM Giron and I from the early 90's. After two heart attacks, it was rare for GM to up his cardio when teaching. But when he was feeling good, he would transform and almost (for a moment) be young again. Here GM Giron demonstrates his best lesson of combat. He'd say, "...during the war when facing the Japanese bayonet charge Banzai, there was no style, only kill, kill, kill." Leo's Style without a Style.

GM Leo Giron Interview parts 1-5

Sifu / Guro Lee Gagnon's Interview with Grand Master Leo Giron recorded in 2000 .

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