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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 5

Chapter 5 – My Favorite Takedown

In my 25 years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and various other grappling arts, there is only one takedown that is appropriate for us(on the cement). When watching 2 people square off, and one of these individuals is preparing to do a takedown. There are certain requirements necessary to accomplish his goal. The grappler must shoot in with a reasonable amount of speed. Depending on which takedown they are doing, this inertia 9 out of 10 times slams their knees directly into the cement(I have many many grappling friends that have blown out their knees tackling people in the cement).

The other very common takedown is a plain old body slam from the front, or the traditional suplex from the rear. Nine out of ten times , when either one of these moves are attempted, the first thing that hits the ground is the grapplers head. So for the aforementioned reasons, please allow me to share with you my favorite takedown. And believe it or not, yes by some amazing coincidence it is done out of my favorite position, our termination phase of the R.A.T. The Thai Clinch. When in said Thai Clinch, simply remove one arm from the neck, and wrap the opponents arm as tight as possible, and now simply sit down. As you sit down, you have three options, you can sit back in the butter fly guard and sweep him, you will now be mounted. .

Option 2, our individual out weighs us by 60 pounds, and his base appears too solid. Now we simply sit straight down, and pull him in the guard. Option 3 – This person out weighs you by more than 60 pounds, you end up wrapping the arm, and during your attempt to sit down, nothing happens. Now, pull yourself up to him, into a leaping guard, and initiate an instant Kino Mutai nose Bite. If you practice these techniques a 100 times a day, on the cement, I promise you will not find it deleterious to your health

How to train this takedown.

Our favorite way to train this takedown is out of MMA style Kickboxing, one person initiates a R.A.T., enters to the Thai Clinch position, wraps the opponents arm and sits down and either pulls sweep or pulls guard, then both people stand up, re-initiate kickboxing and switching now to the other partner.

In conclusion, remember takedowns are for rare occasions… say you catch a burglar, or a thief in action, or you are an officer of some kind and you need to detain this person by taking them to the ground. Remember for our needs we are usually trying to get off the ground, not the other way around.

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