Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Michelle Yeoh's Ah Kam aka The Stunt Woman (1996) (Full movie)

As today is Michelle Yeoh's 50th Birthday, I'm posting the full movie of Ah Kam aka The Stunt Woman (1996). It is said there are many elements in this movie that closely mirrored her real life.


A study of the career of Ah Kam, the plot is divided into three sub-plots. The first is a behind-the-scenes look at a stunt company. Ah Kam progresses from stunt extra to action director under the tutelage of, and then with growing independence from, director Master Tung. In chapter two, Ah Kam falls in love with a rich playboy businessman. Ah Kam is downgraded into playing a fancy-coiffed karaoke club hostess and a male adornment. And then she meets her replacement adornment. Chapter three is a wild triad.


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