Friday, August 30, 2013

DVD Sale: Savate and La Canne - ends tomorrow 8/31/2013

If you are interested in Savate or La Canne, please check out my friend's, Craig Gemeiner, DVD sale at:

I'm sorry I posted this on short notice as the Sale ends tomorrow. I neglected to post this earlier in the week when I found out via Facebook.

Although I consider Craig my friend, I've put in my order for the Savate/Defense Dans La Rue DVD bundle, normally $99.95, on sale for $40! Also, in the past I've bought the La Canne DVD's from his catalog and have been meaning to write a review and post, but haven't yet.

My apologies again to you for the short notice on the Savate and La Canne DVD Sale. If you are interested, hope you were able to buy some DVD's before the deadline. If not, try emailing via:



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