Sunday, August 04, 2013

Happy 61st Birthday Lo Meng!

Anyone who is a fan of the "oldschool" Shaw Brothers movies, especially by the group called "Venoms Gang" will know Lo Meng. You can call him "Toad" from "Five Venoms" aka "Five Deadly Venoms". You can even call him "Golden Arms" in his first starring role, "The Kid with the Golden Arms". He is 61 years young today!

I will be making some animated GIF's in time of Lo sifu in action. For now, enjoy these vidclips.

Invincible Shaolin's Southern Mantis Training Sequences

Interview (5 Element Ninja Lo Meng The Man, The Myth, The Venom)

Mantis Kid (Lo Meng's Southern Mantis vs Gordon Liu's Northern Mantis) - VERY COOL!

Super Ninjas Opening Fight

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