Thursday, August 15, 2013

VIDCLIP: Lecture showing graphic images of stab wounds

Posted below is a short video making its rounds on Facebook. The video is of a gentleman, who may be a doctor or not, lecturing about stab wounds and showing graphic images. Apparently, it is part of an UK anti-knife campaign that begun circa 2008. The campaign only used a short portion of what looked to be a longer lecture.

The video clip is pretty interesting in showing the realities of knife use. I feel that anyone who fancies himself a "knifefighter" needs to watch these types of videos to truly understand the realities of how dangerous a knife is to use as well as forced to defend against one empty-handed.

If anyone has details or a link to the full lecture, please post a comment. 


Contains graphic images of stab wounds.


In case you missed my previous Knife-related entries:

3 related videos... they are graphic and not for the faint of heart. Also a link to a USA Knife Laws site.

I'm asking for a favor from you:

Please share this post as well as the above 4 posts with your family and friends who may carry a knife or even contemplating of carrying a knife for self-defense. This goes for those that think they have adequate training with the knife for self-defense use.

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Thank you in advance! With your help, we may be able to spread awareness of the realities of the knife and avoid the fantasies created by movies/TV and save lives!!




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