Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Brutal, Terrifying, & Sobering Reality of Knifefights




Pretty decent vidclip IMO on showing the realities of the Knife. It's like a "one-stop shopping" on almost all facets of knifework. Today's society is clueless what a violent encounter involving a knife really looks like. Society is brainwashed by TV and the Movies. Traditonal Martial Arts teaches one slow lunge by the "Bad Guy" and the "Good Guy" does his fancy disarms and a gazillion followups to the immobile BG.

One neglected aspect I would've liked to have seen was the video creator's inclusion of the sources/credits of the various clips and information s/he assembled to produce this vidclip. Give credit where credit is due. I understand the parameters of Youtube's maximum of 9-10 minutes length may have been had a factor in this but it would go a long way if the respective instructors were credited.

A lot of information/material has been published via books, articles and videos on "knifefighting". Hopefully that vidclip depicting the realities of the Knife is not new for you. If it is, WAKE UP! This is no game. The Knife, even in the hands of an untrained person is deadly.

Some of my thoughts on the knife. In all likelihood, I will expand on these thoughts in a future blog:

  1. Know your local knife laws first, then if you travel, know the laws where you are going to as well as where you are traveling through too. If you want to check on the knife laws, please check out this earlier post: 

    LINKS: & NYC Knife Laws

  2. No fancy knife, high-priced knife, or any knife will do you any good if you don't train deployment of your knife. Then consider less than ideal conditions of deployment once you have "mastered" deployment under ideal conditions. While under duress, train your draw... also train both your dominant hand as well as your complementary hand. can you deploy your EDC with gloves on when weather is cold? Loads to think of along these lines and train.
  3. Learn basic first aid.
  4. It's not like in the movies. realities of "knifefights" are way more brutal than gunfights.
  5. Knife vs knife is rare. Develop your awareness (and avoidance). Train knife vs empty hands (best to run, if can't run, find an equalizer (chair, trash can lid, etc)
  6. Your EDC may be confiscated so if you have some fancy $1,000+ knife don't cry if it gets taken away.
  7. Don't go cheap ever when it comes to tools... bought a cheap knockoff balisong in the 80's for $20 off of Canal Street in NYC... couldn't afford the $80+ back then for a Pacific Cutlery balisong or other companies... flipped it for a week or so and it broke apart on me and i was lucky the flying blade didn't take my eye out!

My 2 cents.

Train and Be Safe!



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