Friday, March 22, 2013

BOOKS: Jimmy Wilde's "Hitting and Stopping" & E.R. Voight's "Modern Wrestling Holds" reprints

Reprint of Jimmy Wilde's rare boxing manual "Hitting and  Stopping" is available via Amazon UK. [edited 3/27/13]

I will be buying a copy and while I'm at it, I will purchase Modern Wrestling Holds by E.R. Voight also.

Paperback, 93 Pages
Price: $19.95

Ships in 3-5 business days
12 page preview available.

Modern Wrestling Holds is a rare Catch wrestling book that features a wealth of historical photos celebrating the golden era of Australian professional wrestling.

UPDATE 3/27/13:  It has come to my attention by the Copyright Holder of the Jimmy Wilde book that the Lulu editon is in copyright violation and that a copy is available via Amazon UK. At the request of the Copyright Holder, taking down the Lulu info.

UPDATE 5/7/13:  Apologies to the Estate of Jimmy Wilde and publisher Peerless Press for the delay in replacing the Lulu cover to the authorized cover.



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