Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ron Saturno - Basics in Defense

Imagine an inside block to an overhand #1 strike...under the "best" of conditions: If we step into the blow, we should have the rear foot out at our 4 o'clock, the lead right foot at a 10 o'clock position. We will have formed a 45 degree angle, to our opponent' weapon arm. In Serrada Escrima, the next blow is a direct shot under the opponent's weapon arm to his ribs, a follow-up uppercut underneath his arm, a roll-over to the top strike, to the top part of his arm. And then we re-set. The beat is one, two, three and four.

Why does the 2nd shot go to the ribs, when the blow still has real power? Because the blow should have been stopped! I get asked this all of the time. The basic inside block is for stopping a blow up close and personal. A worst case scenario. Dealing with lethal blows up close "is" worst case. If his blow goes through, than his next blow will most likely come from the other side. Our second beat, or, the strike to the ribs, becomes the immediate blow which catches his next incoming strike. If we stopped the blow: Our third shot, the under the arm shot, will then come up and under for an immediate disarm. If his shot goes through to his other side: His next blow will most likely be another #1 strike. Our roll-over will become another inside block! We will have made a circle of continuous responses to repetitive blows, from either side, or combination(s) This is the secret to Serrada Escrima. The basics were trained to get you ready to defend against at least three complete cycles, from any of the attack angles. Any of the basics can catch "any" three blows. This concept of defending against any three blows, has a lot of survival value. Basics prepare us for the terror of repeat hitting.

I don't know how many times Angel Cabales would call out to us to "work". He meant: "It Isn't over 'till its over". Even if we messed up: We were still expected to continue. You could see the frustration in his eyes when someone would stop in mid-stride, because they messed up! Contained with-in the basics of Serrada Escrima is a veritable treasure of combat experience. It's funny, but years later I still find little tid-bits of survival value in the basics. Sometimes I will wander far and wide seeking out answers and will in the end find the answers contained with-in the basics! I like to teach advanced Escrima. It challenges me. But, if pushed I'd come against you with the simplest of basics. Direct blows, done correctly and on time are rudely simple, but highly effective. Simple works! The KISS Method is alive and well in "my" garage and back-yard! Most of the fancy, although beautiful to watch, are fractions, or quarter beats, half beats longer than a simple and direct blow. The basics of Serrada Escrima are "all" simple and direct answers to full power direct and "follow-up" hits. At the highest level(s), we expect anything, but train to end the attack with-in three moves. What happens if the altercation continues? We continue until our opponent doesn't move any more. I know that this post may be a little hard to understand. But listen...lets make is very simple. Train to be able to stop strikes with your basic movements, from either side and in any combination. Sometimes what would be your follow-up strike turns into a block, or a pass and then we return to the striking mode to punish them for attempting to hurt us. Think of it: If I were trying to give you a No. 2 angle strike, it is very easy to turn into a sweep or roof block, depending on the timing of his blows. If we are early, its a sweep: If we are behind the curve, it becomes a roof block. Slight twist changes, but still the basic movements. We "work", we continue forward without hesitation. Well work is calling. O owe I owe so off to work I go. Have a great day everyone.


My deepest gratitude to Master Ron Saturno for his kind permission in allowing me to repost his articles to my site. Photo Credit:  Source pic - Master Ron Saturno.

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