Saturday, March 02, 2013

Bobbe Edmonds - Mande Muda Vidclips

Basic Mande Muda Technique 

This is from the original Mande Muda curriculum.

Mande Muda Basic #2 

This is a more broken apart explanation of the first Mande Muda technique.

Mande Muda Pechehan #1  

Pechehan option of the takedown for the first Mande Muda video

Mande Muda Pechehan #2

Small armlock/break variation from the original takedown

About Edmonds Martial Arts Academy 

I am a teacher of Southeast Asian Martial Arts, and I teach advanced principles and techniques from Pencak Silat, Kali, Pangamot and Wing Chun. Most of the clips are filmed candidly during class, so it's not a rehearsed, professional setting.

This site is not for beginners.


Photo Credit:  Bobbe Edmonds

You can contact Bobbe Edmonds via Facebook or his blog Thick as Thieves and last but not least, please check out his YouTube Channel.

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