Friday, March 01, 2013

Bobbe Edmonds - Penchak Silat Lecture Vidclips

More Silat Lecture vidclips of Pendekar Bobbe Edmonds.

Penchak Silat Lectures

This segment deals with the 50-50 theory of power distribution and combat responsibility between your left and right hands.

This segment addresses tactile acuity over visual acuity, and is applicable to any Silat style.

Another Silat Lecture Vidclip series I posted:

Bobbe Edmonds - Pecut Pencak Silat Lecture Vidclips

About Edmonds Martial Arts Academy 

I am a teacher of Southeast Asian Martial Arts, and I teach advanced principles and techniques from Pencak Silat, Kali, Pangamot and Wing Chun. Most of the clips are filmed candidly during class, so it's not a rehearsed, professional setting.

This site is not for beginners.


Photo Credit:  Bobbe Edmonds

You can contact Bobbe Edmonds via Facebook or his blog Thick as Thieves and last but not least, please check out his YouTube Channel.

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