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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 20

Chapter 20 – The double progressive indirect attack (the greatest fake in the world).

When two novices are throwing blows at each other, the likely hood that these will be exaggerated single direct attacks is about 99%. When we watch John Wayne movies (or most television shows for that matter) we see the director’s idea of a fight. Exaggerated single direct attacks. It would be easy to extrapolate from various examples, that man kind does not throw combination striking naturally. The most natural blows are single directs. However, when we train individuals, we teach that combination punching is more effective. The second blow, and the third blow, usually have a higher percentage of hitting than the first blow. So now the trained fighters, throw in rhythms of one -two, one-two-three, sometimes all the way up to six.

It does not matter what ever style we are referring too karate, kung-fu, kicking , punching, etc…

This is why the trained fighter, will beat the untrained fighter. When all other factors are equal. For example if we take two identical twins, and teach one brother how to punch and kick in combinations, for six months, and then let them fight. Now even though DNA and family upbringing are moot points, twin number 2 would win 99 out of 100 times. Now lets say you took both twins and taught them both how to punch and kick in combinations. If these two cats were to fight, out of a 100 times, it would be close to 50-50. Now we take the same two twins, that know how to hit in combination, and teach one of them how to throw fakes, and if they were to go back and fight each other 100 times in a row, the twin that faked would win 95% of the time. When we throw fakes, to quote the old commercial. The opponent never knows if it is real or if it is Memorex. The ability to throw fakes, not only increases the odds of hitting the opponent by twenty, it also enables one to fight outside of their weight class. The game is now less about size and strength and power, and more about technicality and precision. When one fakes this deflects the energy into more of a chess game. Especially when you are faking the eyes and going to the groin, or faking the groin and going to the eyes !

This method of attack is not single direct, is not attack by combination, but progressive indirect attack. It is progressive in that it takes up distance, and indirect in that it takes up time.

Up until about 18 months ago, progressive indirect attacking has been considered the highest level. However the $64,000 question is what if both identical twin brothers each know how to execute progressive indirect attacks. Picture the scene…brother A fakes high, and kicks low, and brother B knows its coming. Now brother B fakes low and strikes high, and brother A knows its coming. This impasse that occurs amongst the highest level kick boxers is due to the fact, that subconsciously each knows the others game.

What we are about to discuss is extremely difficult to pull off, and should only be attempted by your most advanced students. Lets say we pull one of the brothers off, and teach him the following… Instead of faking high and striking low, or faking low and striking high, execute two fakes in a row. Fake high and fake low, now strike your opponent a third time, back to high. I will write this in a very simple binary code to make it even easy for aliens. A 1 is a strike a 0 is a fake. Instead of the typical progressive indirect attack , 0-1, when one is attempting to execute the double progressive indirect it would look like this, 0-0-1. Picture anyone who is advanced in kick boxing, and picture how they are hardwired to receive a progressive indirect attack. After they receive any fake, they will always know the real thing is coming. What if the real thing didn’t come, what if after the fake, the second blow was also a fake. Now the third blow, becomes the real strike. This my friends is how to beat your contemporaries. This is how to get out of a rut. And get to the next level. And this also happens to be the greatest fake in the world.

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