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Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 15

Chapter 15 – The "U-Drill" our most empowering drill.

90% of the battle of teaching someone how to defend themselves lies within the emotional dimension. Once someone has the self confidence that what they do will work the odds of that happening are increased exponentially. Any coach in any sport can affirm this belief. So now the all important question becomes, how do you instill self-confidence in students in a quick and efficient manner?

Since self confidence is an attribute, and attributes are developed by drills then the question becomes, what is the best drill? After 30 years and 30,000 drills later my humble answer to you is the “U-Drill”. For those of you who don’t know, the “U-Drill” comes from our knife training. One side has a knife, one side does not. The person without a knife, gently place or rest one hand on your partners forearm(the forearm holding the knife). The person holding the knife is the teacher executing the drill. The mission of the teacher with the knife is to slowly take, slices at your partners stomach. Think of these slices resembling a tennis forehand and backhand stroke(the mechanics of this action resemble a U). The recipient doing the drill, should switch from right hand back to left hand, occasionally both hands can be checking the knife. As the knife feeder, as you notice your student effortlessly deflecting the blade, you eventually start to speed up. Soon you will find, that your students body is moving nimbly, moving with agility, nimbleness and cat like movement. Once the teacher as ascertained the students maximum speed, it is now time to put on a pair of goggles on your student and grab a live blade. Start out slow again feeding, and work your way up in speed. I will give you my personal guarantee, that as a teacher, when you feed this drill properly to a student in front of a class, going full speed, using a live blade for about 2 minutes, and then stop and the whole class screams out with applause, your students eyes, are as round as quarters. Their heart is pounding, and they themselves are amazed at what they just accomplished. Again in my most humble opinion, I believe this to be the most profoundly and powerful drill, that one can do for self-confidence. And all of this can be accomplished in one hour. -- Love Vu !

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