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IN MEMORY OF: Larry Hartsell (Aug 15, 1942 - Aug 20, 2007)

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Today marks the 6th anniversary of the passing of Larry Hartsell. He was showing The Way in grappling mixed in with Boxing and Trapping before the UFC/MMA!

RIP Hartsell sifu

Rick Faye sifu's tribute

Larry Hartsell - xmas gift

Sifu Larry Hartsell finger locks..

Sifu Larry Hartsell/dandonzella.yolasite.com 

Footage I shot in 1993 of the late Sifu Larry Hartsell, as well as my interview. Sifu you are missed.


Larry Hartsell (+ Pete Hetrick)

The late great Larry Hartsell teaching a seminar in the Kelsey Kerridge Sports Hall in Cambridge (UK) in the early 90's. He was assisted by Pete Hetrick, and the seminar was hosted by Ollie Batts from Cambridge Academy of Martial Arts®

What a lot of modern-day martial artists fail to realise is that when Larry Hartsell first came to Cambridge, there was no UFC or MMA - in the present day term. People like Larry Hartsell were the ones who were actively involved in promoting cross-training as the way forward in the martial/fighting arts.

SteFan JKD/Sweden; Larry Hartsell archives 

this is another videoclip from my archives. I was looking for everything on Bruce Lee's JKD available in JKD.
Now 20 years later it it pretty obvious that a lot has happened since linda lee started the jun Fan JKD Nucleous back in 1996.

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