Saturday, August 17, 2013

Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 4

Chapter 4 - Takedown Defense

In order for someone to take us to the ground, they must be inside of our kicking range. The moment they take a step in, our first defense is the shuffle kick to the groin(this is the closest target with our longest weapon). This person also must manage to lower the elevation of the head while traversing through boxing range. This implies that they would have to get through our jab. So the average person, big or small, attempting to take us to the ground is a very difficult task for the aforementioned two reasons.

On the other hand, when dealing with a super skilled and very large grappler who dives 6 inches from your ankles, bent on taking you to the ground, in my experience they are going to accomplish their goal 95 out of a 100 times. Therefore, one can occasionally acquiesce and allow the takedown to happen, and instantly pull guard, and tie up his arm and neck simultaneously(I call this move bug out). When doing this, you will find that even a strong big man, has extreme difficulty getting their posture. It is very important not to do any offense at this point. Simply, hold on to this person, and let them burn themselves out. This process takes anywhere from 10 seconds to 3 minutes. They will try to slam your back on the ground many times, do not let go. They will try to punch you in the face, with weak pussy shots, do not let go. They will try to punch you in the side of the ribs, do not let go. After a while, as you become one with this person, you will notice they will stop for a brief moment and get their breath. In that split nano-second, you begin biting. Over and over and over, tearing through the face and the tip of the nose. You will feel this person get stronger, and want to get away from you instantly. Do not let GO !! Keep biting. After a few more seconds, push the person off with you hand, bring your feet up to their chest and kick them off.

The two most important points of this move, are that:

  1. As you pull guard the assailant does not get their posture
  2. You ride the bucking bronco until it gets tired, and then bite when the bronco is least expecting.

In order to do this right, there are a litany of exercises that one must do in order to have the tendon strength to hang on to a 300 lbs man. Fortunately for us, the single greatest proponent of this type of strength is Singh. And I defer exercises to him.

Until Next Sunday, Love Vu

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