Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vunak's Top 50 Combat Secrets Ch. 12

Chapter 12 : Super Coordination !

Have you ever heard any one say trapping doesn’t work ! Have you ever heard anyone say that pac saos, lop saos, jut saos, and jao saos are ineffective! If you have, most likely these are the same people that are denigrating self-perfection drills. In the world of martial arts, there are simple techniques that can be pulled off quickly. For example eye jab, groin shot, head butt, bite, etc…. And then there are more advanced techniques that take a longer time to develop. For example a flip or a throw or a sweep, and still yet there are what I call advanced techniques, these techniques are for the full time martial artist only. These techniques require a lot of high-level attribute development. Such as those infamous trapping techniques that people say won’t work, pac-saos, lop-saos, etc… The coordination, sensitivity, spatial relationship, line familiarization, and timing that it takes to pull these techniques off during sparring, most people in life simply never acquire.

It is no coincidence that the same folks who dislike trapping also dislike self perfection drills. So in a nut-shell, if you want to pee in the tall grass with the big dogs, and do the advanced techniques, that your predecessors have done, you either have to be born Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan, or have a super advanced scientific training regiment. The following concept that I am about to give you, quadruples the difficulty level of every existing drill that you already know.

So here it goes… name a drill that you know, it does not matter which drill, lets say hubbad, perhaps lop sao drill, chi-sao, sumbrada, numerada, etc… Now think of yourself performing those drills from the waist up only. From the waist down we are going to be doing something entirely different…from the waist down we are going to be actually sparring. The only art that I know that allows one enough sophisticated kicking combinations, in such close range, is our beloved pananjakman. The linty of kicks that pananjakman provide us, all fall under the purview of close quarter combat. It is important to understand, that his is not simply, one person performing their drill, and arbitrarily throwing in a pananjakman kick. But instead, this is about two people, both sparring with pananjakman. Both playing offense and defense. This “sparring match” takes place from the waist down. And from the waist up, one is simply performing, their desired drill. When we cut the body in half, and allow the upper half to perform self perfection drills, and the lower half we allow to spar, we are increasing our attribute development exponentially. Once one has drilled in this manner, for months/years, the notion of performing pac saos and lop saos, and pretty much any trap you want, becomes not only plausible but probable !

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