Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy ThanksGIFing! (and Happy Thanksgiving 2013!)

Happy Thanksgiving to the readers of this site who celebrate!

May you and your loved ones be thankful for what you have and not lament on what you don't have!

Ok, above I covered "Thanksgiving", but what is this "ThanksGIFing". Well, Underground Forum member FoolKontakt posted "Happy ThanksGIFing !" to me in this thread. I thought that was punny! That pun inspired this post.

I'm going to pick my 8 favorite GIFs out of the 100+ posts with I don't know how many animated GIFs that I've created to date. I would've liked to pick 25 or so, but will stick to 8 so they fit on one page and have a reasonable pageload time instead of all 25 on one page or split across 3 entries. These are in no ranking whatsoever.


Manong Dan Inosanto flipping the Butterfly Knife (aka Balisong) in the movie Sharky's Machine

For more Balisong GIFs, please check out my Projects Page as making GIFs of Balisong has been an ongoing project:

Donnie Yen with a flawless suplex in the movie Flash Point

For other GIFs from Flash Point, please check out:

The Spanking
UFC 44:  Randy Couture vs Tito Ortiz

For the other GIFs of highlights from that famous fight - Randy Couture vs Tito Ortiz, please check out:

Flying Omoplata and Trapping from the movie Pacific Rim

More of the animated GIF's I made from Pacific Rim can be found here:

WEF 7:  Rich Crunkilton (black) vs Ray Totorico

Rich Crunkilton is one of my favorite MMA fighters. Frank Mir has called him a "takedown specialist." As if by magic, Rich almost immediatedly after touching Totorico, Ray went for a ride.

For more of Rich Crunkilton's Takedown GIFs I made, you can find them here:

Benny "The Jet" Urquidez vs Yuen Biao from the movie Dragons Forever

Benny is called "The Jet" for a reason!

The rest of the GIFs are located below:

Brandon Lee vs Professor Al Leong in the movie Rapid Fire

I love the trapping in this fight.

Check out the rest of the Rapid Fire GIFs:

Bruce Lee side kicks Bob Wall from the classic Enter the Dragon

More GIFs from Enter the Dragon:

In a year's time, I would've made more GIFs. I'm such a GIF-making geek! I will post then some of my faves from the year.

In the meantime, please check out the link before for all my entries with animated GIFs:

Happy ThanksGIFing 2013!

EDIT 11/27/2014:  My 2014 edition: 



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