Saturday, November 16, 2013's Top 20 greatest submissions in UFC history!'s Top 20 Greatest Submissions in UFC history!

#20 Anderson Silva submits Travis Lutter (Triangle Choke, UFC 67, February 3rd, 2007)
#19 Carlos Newton submits Pat Miletich (Headlock Choke, UFC 31, May 4th, 2001)
#18 Matt Hughes submits Georges St-Pierre (Armbar, UFC 50, October 22, 2004)
#17 Royce Gracie submits Kimo Leopoldo (Armbar, UFC 3, September 9th, 2004)
#16 Nate Diaz submits Kurt Pellegrino (Triangle Choke, UFN 13, April 2nd, 2008)
#15 Anderson Silva submits Dan Henderson (Rear Naked Choke, UFC 82, March 1st, 2008)
#14 Murilo Bustamante submits Matt Lindland  (Guillotine Choke, UFC 37, May 10th, 2002)
#13 Chris Lytle submits Jason Gilliam (Reverse Triangle Choke, UFC 73, July 7th, 2007)
#12 Karo Parisyan submits Dave Strasser (Kimura, UFC 44, September 26th, 2003)
#11 Frank Mir submits Antonio Nogueira (Kimura, UFC 140, December 10th, 2011)
#10 Ronda Rousey submits Liz Carmouche (Armbar, UFC 157, February 23rd, 2013)
#9  Chan Sung Jung submits Leonard Garcia (Twister, UFN 24, March 26th, 2011)
#8  Forrest Griffin submits Mauricio Rua (Rear Naked Choke, UFC 76, September 22nd, 2007)
#7  Royce Gracie submits Dan Severn (Triangle Choke, UFC 4, December 16th, 1994)
#6  Frank Mir submits Tim Sylvia (Armbar, UFC 48, June 19th, 2004)
#5  BJ Penn submits Matt Hughes (Rear Naked Choke, UFC 46, January 31st, 2004)
#4  Frank Mir submits Brock Lesnar (Kneebar, UFC 81, February 2nd, 2008)
#3  Royce Gracie submits Ken Shamrock (Rear Naked Choke, UFC 1, November 12th, 1993)
#2  Matt Hughes submits Frank Trigg (Rear Naked Choke, UFC 52, April 16th, 2005)
#1  Anderson Silva submits Chael Sonnen (Triangle Choke, UFC 117, August 10th, 2010)

Compare's Top 20 Subs list with FoxSports' Top 20 Subs list:

#20: Jason Von Flue's Von Flue choke to finish Alex Karalexis
#19: CB Dollaway with the rare Peruvian necktie submission to finish Jesse Taylor
#18: Jeremy Horn submits Chuck Liddell with head and arm choke from the bottom
#17: Mark Coleman uses a neck crank to finish Dan Severn
#16: Pablo Garza hits a flying triangle to finish Yves Jabouin
#15: Matt Hughes employs a 'Dave Schultz choke' to finish Ricardo Almeida
#14: Carlos Newton uses a bulldog choke to finish Pat Miletich
#13: Nate Diaz gives Kurt Pellegrino the two finger salute before submitting him
#12: Frank Shamrock catches Jeremy Horn in a kneebar to win in overtime
#11: Dustin Hazelett slips from wizzer to armbar to finish Josh Burkman
#10: BJ Penn chokes out Matt Hughes to win the welterweight title
#9: Murilo Bustamante submits Matt Lindland twice in one fight
#8: Frank Mir snaps Tim Sylvia's arm at UFC 48
#7: Korean Zombie hits a Twister on Leonard Garcia at Fight Night: Nogueira vs. Davis
#6: Brock Lesnar defeats Shane Carwin by head and arm choke at UFC 116
#5: Royce Gracie finishes Gerard Gordeau to win UFC 1
#4: Matt Hughes defeats Frank Trigg by rear naked choke at UFC 52
#3: Jon Jones finishes Lyoto Machida by standing guillotine choke at UFC 140
#2: Frank Mir submits Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by kimura at UFC 140
#1: Anderson Silva submits Chael Sonnen via triangle choke at UFC 117

These were compiled to promote/celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UFC.

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