Monday, November 04, 2013

I attended a Dr.Gyi 11/2/13 Dha/Kukri seminar in CT

Dr.Gyi 11/2/13 CT seminar - Dha/Kukri 

Fortunate to have attended a Dr. Gyi seminar yesterday. Covered Single Dha (sword) and Kukri.

Eye-opening experience for me! One of the main points taught:

  • Difference between Fantasy and Reality

Learned the Salutation as well as the 9 Angles of Attack (all weapons systems have this or variation of this - 8 point star with center being the thrust) for the Dha - minute attention to detail distinguished the Fantasy from Reality

Kukri - learned the Salutation and six basic Sets - believe it or not my first time handling a Kukri! A friend is helping me get one. Adding it to my training. 

I missed a Dr Gyi Kukri seminar years ago in NYC hosted by a friend. It was held on Mother's Day weekend! At the time my maternal grandmother was still alive. No way I could've missed Mother's Day with my Grandmother, Mom and Wife for a Dr Gyi Kukri seminar - the three of them would have it in for me!!!   LOL

Glad I got to learn the Kukri from him on Saturday

Both my training partner and I were very lucky to have been able to attend! I believe my training partner and I plus 1 other were non American Bando Association (ABA). The rest were all ABA members. They were all great with the sharing of their knowledge, experience and equipment! Great group!

Thanks to Mrs SG and our three kids for letting me out of the house from my fatherly duties!! Thanks to my friend for the invite!! Thanks to my training partner for driving an half hour from his house to mine and then another two and a half hours from NYC to CT. Finally deepest gratitude to Dr Gyi for sharing his knowledge, experience and time!!!



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