Monday, November 25, 2013

BIRTHDAY: Happy 34th Birthday Rich Crunkilton!

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Today, Nov 25, former MMA fighter, Rich "Cleat" Crunkilton turns 34!

He is one of my favorite MMA fighters. He has excellent takedowns. Frank Mir was the color commentator at one of Cleat's fights and called him a 'takedown specialist'.

In celebration of his birthday, check out Rich Crunkilton in action!

Rich Crunkilton Highlight video

Here are some of Cleat's fights:

Rich Crunkilton X Ray Totorico
WEF Stomp in the Swamp (Rich's first fight)

Rich Crunkilton X Scott Johnson
WVF - Battlejax (Rich's 3rd fight)

Rich Crunkilton X Luciano Olivera
WEC 4 (Rich's 8th fight)

Rich Crunkilton X Victor Estrada
WEC 5 (Rich's 9th fight)

Rich Crunkilton X James Martinez
Freedom Fight - Canada vs USA (Rich's 13th fight)

Happy Birthday Cleat!! Animated GIFs of his Takedowns coming soon.

For more information on Rich Crunkilton:



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