Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Rich Crunkilton's Takedowns Animated GIFs

Yesterday was Rich Crunkilton's 34th birthday. He is one of my favorite MMA fighters. I also love to make animated GIF's. So .... mental drumroll please ... I made some GIF's of Rich in action!

I marvel at the ease and slickness of his takedowns. Some of them appear almost as if he touches his opponent and they go down like magic. I vaguely recall at one of the events he was fighting in, the former UFC Heavyweight Champion, Frank Mir, described Crunkilton as a "takedown specialist". I'm a big fan!

In celebration of  Rich's birthday, I've made some animated GIF's of him in action. 


WEC 15 - Rich Crunkilton (black) X Paul Jenkins

WEC 33 - Rich Crunkilton (black and white trunks) X Sergio Gomez
1st Single Leg Takedown 

WEC 33 - Rich Crunkilton X Sergio Gomez
2nd Single Leg Takedown

WEC - WrekCage6 - 2007-08-15 - Rich Crunkilton (red trunks) X Mike Joy

WEF 7 - Rich Crunkilton (black) X Ray Totorico

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