Tuesday, November 27, 2012

If Bruce Lee was alive today, ... (Enter the Dragon GIF's Set 1)

Happy 72nd Birthday Lee sifu! I wonder if he would look like this?

生日快樂, 李師父!

*Ging lai*

I know everyone has seen Enter the Dragon a gazillion times, but here is the first set of 3 Animated GIF's I made in honor of Lee sifu.



Anonymous said...

Notice two things on this gif.
1) Look how far Lee's head moves (judge by looking at it in isolation against the flags)
2) Look at his rear leg firing. Note that his hand does move before the foot, though it appears the foot was the trigger as it recoils.

He not only bridges the gap with a strike but his whole body moves forward at nearly the speed of his hand. He uses a bit a of 'trick' here, continuing to move and look down as O'Hara crumples, gives that a more imposing look.

Also, Robert Wall (O'Hara) really -sells- the blow.

Stickgrappler said...

Hello Anonymous:

*bows deeply*

Thank you for your insight. Great observations

Very truly yours in the MA,

-sg !


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